"With the right career, you can do more than make a living. You can make a difference." – Patricia Gallup
          Chairman of the Board and Chief Administrative Officer
          PC Connection, Inc.

          In the years to come, you’ll spend a lot of time at work. Spend it with us, and you’ll be part of a company that’s revolutionized the way IT products and services are delivered. You’ll become an integral part of a highly trained staff, and every day your efforts will change the way people live and do business. What you do will matter.

          Still unsure? You’re not alone. Each year we talk with many new graduates and students still in school, and they all have questions. Gain some perspective by reviewing a set of frequently asked questions we’ve prepared for candidates considering a career with PC Connection. We’ve also included some information just for recent grads below:

          Do you hire many new grads?
          Yes. Our staff includes alumni from more than 400 schools. While we’re proud of our experienced employees, we’re always on the lookout for the most promising new grads. One of them might be you.

          During the current academic year, we’ll visit a limited number of schools. In lieu of on-campus interviewing, we’ve asked that positions be posted at the Career Services Center at most schools and that students contact us directly. Some schools prefer resume books. Either way, we encourage college students to apply.

          How much can I earn at PC Connection?
          Our philosophy has always been to pay competitively in our marketplace and in our region. In non-sales positions, your pay will be based on the latest compensation data. In sales roles, your total annual earnings are really up to you. Below is a chart of potential earnings for Account Managers:

          Coming Soon to a Venue Near You

          PC Connection often attends job fairs at college campuses to connect with students. Visit our LinkedIn page to learn more about current opportunities and upcoming hiring events.
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