Shipping Your Product for Repair

          Before sending your product to Connection for repair, call 1-888-213-0834 for a Service Return Authorization (SRA) number. Write this number on the outside of the package along with the shipping address:

          Connection Repairs
          Repair Center
          ATTN: SRA# (Enter Your SRA# Here)
          450 Marlboro St.
          Keene, NH 03431

          Service Shipping Rates

          Sending a product to us for repairs? Here's information about shipping costs.

          Continental United States

          Repaired products are shipped UPS ground freight FREE!
          Airborne Express shipping is available. Call for rate information.

          Alaska and Hawaii

          UPS Second Day Air. Actual rates apply. Call for additional information.

          UPS. Actual rates apply. Call for additional information.

          UPS Worldwide Express. Actual rates apply. Call for additional information.

          Call Tags

          Call Tags are available. Cost is applied to final repair bill.

          Packing Instructions

          Whenever possible, ship your equipment in the original packaging. If that's not possible, obtain a box with ample room for both your merchandise and at least 2 inches of packing material on all sides. Packed correctly, your merchandise shouldn't make contact with either the bottom, top or sides of the container and will not shift when the container is moved. To ensure your shipment arrives safely, please:

          • Use a sturdy corrugated cardboard box or the original shipping container.
          • Remove old address/shipping labels.
          • Address your package accurately and verify the zip code.
          • Wrap fragile materials individually, so they don't come into contact with each other.
          • Don't allow packages to get wet while awaiting pickup.
          • Don't write the value of contents on the outside of the package.

          "I'm worried about shipping my computer hardware. How do I know it won't become lost or damaged?"
          Few packages are lost by major couriers. Thanks to advances in package-tracking technology, your courier can update you on your shipment's whereabouts with relative ease. Obviously, it makes good sense to insure expensive hardware prior to shipment.

          "How should I prepare my hardware for shipment?"

          To ensure safe delivery, use the original shipping container or a new corrugated box. Never exceed the maximum gross weight limit printed on the box bottom. Wrap your hardware in plastic to protect it against moisture, then surround it on all sides with a solid layer of cushioning material. (Styrofoam peanuts tend to shift under the weight of heavy hardware and should be avoided.) Seal the box with strong packing tape and clearly label the package.

          Customer Care

          • Phone Support
            M-F 8:30am to 5:30pm EST

          Technical Support

          • Phone Support 
            M-F 9:00am to 5:30pm EST

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