General information
          The following are answers to common questions about Adobe® Creative Cloud for teams membership,
          purchasing, security, and storage.


          What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

          What is Creative Cloud for teams?

          Why did Adobe rename Creative Suite® to Creative Cloud (CC)?

          Are all of Adobe’s products now only available via Creative Cloud?


          How can I purchase Creative Cloud for teams?

          What is Adobe’s Value incentive Plan (VIP)?

          How do I join VIP?

          As a VIP customer, how do I purchase Creative Cloud for teams?

          Why does Creative Cloud for teams cost more than Creative Cloud for individuals?

          I have invested in Creative Suite in the past. Can I get a discount to upgrade to Creative Cloud for teams?

          How do I add seats to my Creative Cloud for teams membership?

          Can I purchase a perpetual license for the new Creative Cloud (CC) applications that were announced in May 2013?

          Can I use the software I downloaded from Creative Cloud on multiple computers?

          In what languages is Creative Cloud available?


          I heard Adobe launched the latest CS products. How can I upgrade to CS7?

          Can I purchase a perpetual license for Creative Suite 6?

          For how long will Adobe continue to sell Creative Suite 6?


          Do I need ongoing Internet access to use my Creative Cloud desktop applications?

          Do I have to download and install all of the applications available in Creative Cloud all at once?

          Can I send a file to people who don’t have a Creative Cloud membership? Will they be able to view or share the file?

          As a Creative Cloud member, when an upgrade to an application becomes available in Creative Cloud, am I required to install it?

          I already have the traditional licensed version of a previous Creative Suite application on my computer. Can I install and run the Creative Cloud applications at the same time?

          What happens if I decide to stop my Creative Cloud membership?

          I just purchased CS6, but I want to switch to Creative Cloud. Can I return it?


          What are the new Creative Cloud (CC) applications?

          How often will Adobe be adding new features to Creative Cloud?

          If I am not a member of Creative Cloud, will I have access to the new CC applications and features recently announced?

          Do Creative Cloud members have access to previous versions of Creative Cloud apps?

          Can the new CC applications export to CS6?


          What is Adobe’s approach to security in the cloud?

          My organization wants to block access to certain services such as storage and community features available through Creative Cloud. Is this possible?


          Can I store any kind of file in Adobe Creative Cloud, or just Adobe files?

          Can I buy additional Creative Cloud storage?

          How does file versioning work in Creative Cloud?

          What happens to my files in the cloud if I cancel my membership?

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