HP Security Solutions

          HP TippingPoint Security Solutions

          You need adaptable network security that allows you unadulterated access. HP TippingPoint Security provides network security solutions that dynamically provision network security and performance settings based on user, device, location, time, and purpose. HP TippingPoint network security products combine multiple security functions (FW, IPS, VPN) in a single device. HP Security Diagram

          Centralized Security Management and Control

          - Unified Network Security Management and Policy Console featuring PCM+

          HP E-PCM Plus Network Management Software Series

          HP E-PCM Plus Network Management is a Microsoft® Windows®-based network management platform that enables mapping, configuration, and monitoring. HP PCM Plus provides security and extensibility for small to large networks with remote sites. Network-wide management control allows users to securely add, customize, and restrict network management access. With HP security and wireless solutions, as well as extended third-party support, HP PCM Plus offers a single-pane management solution. With remote agent extensibility, the software can manage many remote sites with encrypted communications and firewall traversal. Your organization will gain superior return on management, security, choice, and flexibility.

          Access Control

          - Identity Driven Manager prevents breaches by controlling access users have to wired & wireless networks

          HP Identity Driven Manager 3.0

          HP Identity Driven Manager (IDM), a plug-in to HP PCM+, dynamically provisions network security and performance settings based on user, device, location, time, and endpoint posture. Identity Driven Manager provides network administrators with the ability to centrally define and apply policy-based network access rights that allow the network to automatically adapt to the needs of users and devices as they connect, thereby enforcing network security while providing appropriate access to authorized network users and devices. Identity Driven Manager is a powerful tool that allows network administrators to efficiently manage the users and devices connecting to their network.

          Threat Protection and Mitigation

          - TMS Module provides interior & perimeter firewall zoning & VPN services

          - Intrusion Prevention Systems block threats before they can attack

          Threat Management Services zl Module

          The HP Threat Management Services (TMS) zl Module is a multifunction security system for the HP E5400 zl and E8200 zl Switch Series. It is comprised of a stateful firewall, an intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS/IPS), and a virtual private network (VPN) concentrator. It enables network administrators to compartmentalize department traffic, protect the network from malware, and provide secure remote access and site-to-site connectivity.

          Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Series

          The HP TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) S Series is optimized for performance and reliability at 20, 100, and 300 Mbps with very flexible deployment options. For perimeter protection, the solutions can be deployed in front of or behind a router/firewall to immediately protect the network and applications from inbound threats. Deployment between network zones provides isolation and protects sensitive zones from internal attacks. The series also has integrated Zero Power High Availability (ZPHA) so that a simple power failure does not cause a network outage. This series complements other HP IPS solutions, which provide network protection in high-
          • Industry-proven proactive network security
          • Up-to-date and broad IPS protection
          • Industry-leading security research team—DVLabs
          • Minimized overall security costs and complexity
          • Security compliance best practices
          HP Security chart

          *HP TippingPoint customers who purchase our annual maintenance contract will get the DV Toolkit at no additional charge.

          HP Networking Security Solutions

          HP Networking offers many security solutions as custom built devices. Ask your account manager for details, and browse a selection of these products and compare features.

          Contact your account manager to get started:

          • Speak to one of our HP Networking Specialists to assess your organizations specific needs.
          • We can uncover weaknesses in your current approach with a comprehensive Security Assessment.
          • We’ll help you establish a network security plan for your organization's specific needs.
          • For more information, please complete this Information Request Form or contact your account manager at 1-800-800-0014
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