Storage and Memory


          • Samsung 3-core MEX controller
          • Samsung 1x nm Toggle DDR 2.0 NAND Flash memory
          • Up to 1GB Samsung Low Power DDR2 SDRAM cache memory
          • Samsung Magician 4.2 Software for SSD management
          • Samsung Data Migration 2.0 Software
          • 7mm profile

          The Must-Have Solution to Upgrade Your PC

          As SSDs become more mainstream, it’s important to make the installation process as smooth and simple as possible. Samsung’s one-stop installation navigator is a comprehensive guide for software setup, the data migration process, and hardware installation. The Samsung data migration software is simple to use and very powerful, making your SSD installation a snap.

          Experience a Brand New Faster Performance

          840 EVO is significantly faster than a standard HDD, providing faster performance for everyday tasks. Samsung’s new TurboWrite technology delivers dramatically faster sequential write performance. And, with upgrades to NAND, a new controller and firmware, the 840 EVO has superfast responsiveness under everyday workloads.

          Unmatched Reliability

          Toughen-up your PC with 840 EVO, so it can cope with almost any daily life situation. Shocks, vibrations, high temperatures—bring it on! With its robust strength, 840 EVO boasts an incredibly long life expectancy and a very low failure rate. What’s more, Samsung offers a 3-year warranty to back it up. 
The reliability of 840 EVO does not apply only to its physique. Equipped with advanced signal processing, 840 EVO automatically corrects errors so you’ll worry less about your data’s stability.

          Powerful Data Security

          When you take your notebook on the road, you expose your personal information to new vulnerabilities. But don’t worry, 840 EVO’s self-encrypting drive security technology will help keep your data safe at all times. The drive includes an AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption engine to ensure that your personal files remain secure, even if you lose your notebook. Being hardware-based, the encryption engine secures your data without performance degradation.

          Magician Software

          Magician eliminates the confusion and uncertainties of SSD management, making it simple to maximize the performance and lifetime of the 840 EVO. In addition to its performance optimization features, Magician also provides users the option to enable RAPID mode— an innovative performance enhancement that processes data on a system level by using free DRAM memory as a cache. Once enabled in Magician, RAPID mode provides an overall PC performance boost.

          A Complete, User-friendly Solution

          With a wide range of capacities from 120GB to the spacious 1TB, the 840 EVO is the perfect SSD for your PC upgrade. If you were previously reluctant to upgrade to an SSD because the capacities were lacking, now is the time to reconsider your SSD options. Because it is offered in the same capacities as conventional HDDs, 840 EVO eliminates the need to scale up or scale down the size of your drive. Choose the right-sized SSD for your PC, with all the superb quality, features, and ease of use that a Samsung SSD provides.

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