Network Inventory Assessments
          Has Your Network Overgrown Its Boundaries?

          Get Back in Control with a Network Inventory Assessment

          In order to keep up with the constant demand for greater bandwidth and higher speeds, many organizations have undergone rapid network expansion—without the accompanying documentation. Acquisitions and merging networks can also create uncertainty about how each asset fits into your overall network infrastructure. It’s time to take a step back and look at your network holistically. PC Connection’s Network Inventory Assessment can help. It provides you with comprehensive discovery of your IT network, documentation of its current state, and a performance analysis for each appliance.

          How a Network Inventory Assessment Works

          PC Connection’s Network Inventory Assessment comprehensively documents your IT network. Get the benefits of a detailed hardware and software lifecycle analysis, as well as network performance investigation. Our assessment is designed to highlight any potential problem areas, giving you immediate resolution for most network performance issues.

          We document and analyze the key performance indicators (KPI) throughout your network and empower decision makers with the information they need to upgrade and optimize.

          A Network Inventory Assessment is the perfect way to regain control over your network. With full documentation, many difficult tasks become easier—including creating RFPs, planning network upgrades, and initiating network support contracts.

          In Order to Optimize, You Must First Analyze

          Our Network Inventory Assessment gives you an in-depth understanding of the devices on your network, how they are deployed, and how they are performing. To help you understand the bigger picture, a Network Inventory Assessment will:

          • Provide a network inventory and network performance analysis
          • Document your network with a Visio topology drawing that allows you to easily visualize your network’s layout—facilitating communication, highlighting problem areas, and streamlining upgrade planning

          What to Expect

          1. First there is a kickoff call to review documents and schedule your assessment.
          2. Next a Network Inventory Assessment appliance is shipped to your site and remotely installed.
          3. The assessment data is gathered for 5 days.
          4. Then an engineer validates the data.
          5. After the appliance is removed and returned,we generate your reports.
          6. Finally we prepare your deliverables and recommendation document and provide an executive review of the findings.

          Assessment Deliverables

          • Network inventory report
          • Asset report
          • Visio network topology
          • Detailed Windows Server analysis
          • Detailed infrastructure analysis

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