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          Printers, while integral to the success of your daily operations, are an often-overlooked component of your organization’s infrastructure. Their high maintenance and supply costs are traditionally dismissed as a fixed expense. However, with the proper tools in place to effectively manage your printer infrastructure, you can achieve significant savings and efficiencies.

          We offer complimentary printer assessments that can help you better understand, plan for, and reduce the cost impact of your printer fleet. Our valuable services give you the resources and tools to streamline your operations and save money.

          Start with a Complimentary Printer Assessment

          A printer’s purchase price is only a small percentage of its ultimate total cost of ownership. Ongoing supply costs, asset management, and IT support account for the bulk of the expense. We can help you reduce these costs and plan for future ones. Our complimentary Printer Assessment provides your organization with detailed reports of expenses, allowing you to spot trends, eliminate inefficiencies, reduce costs, and achieve better performance.

          • We conduct our assessment service by collecting data specific to your environment, using a secure, software-based Data Collection Agent (DCA)
          • The DCA will constantly record your organization’s printer and usage information over a 30-day period
          • Collected data is then reviewed and analyzed through a secure Web browser

          At the close of the assessment, our team will provide you with a report of recommendations for customized printer consolidation along with data relevant to your specific devices, including:

          • Page counts
          • Toner levels
          • Device status
          • LCD reading
          • Device description
          • Serial number
          • Asset number
          • Location
          • Cost per copy
          • Utilization
          • Trending reports

          Printer Assessment Benefits

          A Complimentary Printer Assessment provides valuable data that can help your organization:

          • Measure total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) expectations
          • Make decisions regarding new printer fleets
          • Make immediate changes that reduce costs and improve overall operational efficiencies

          Complimentary Printer Assessment Program Conditions

          Our printer assessment services are complimentary for customers with a minimum of 25 printers in a network environment or printed page usage of 25K+ per month.

          If you’re looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency with an optimized printer fleet, contact your Account Manager today. 1.800.800.0014

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