Storage Healthcheck 

          How Healthy is Your Storage?

          Optimize Your Storage Investment with a Healthcheck

          Managing your organization’s data is an ever-present challenge. As the amount of data your users create continues to grow, so does the need for a storage environment that operates at maximum efficiency. PC Connection’s Storage Healthcheck Service is available to help you optimize your initial investment and get the most out of your existing storage approach.

          Get All the Facts on Your Data Usage

          PC Connection’s Storage Healthcheck Service provides you with valuable information about your storage growth and usage to help you implement data-driven adjustments to your current storage strategy. Designed to review your current storage infrastructure and analyze its performance and capacity utilization, our service delivers the facts you need to make informed investment decisions. A Healthcheck helps your organization reduce costs, shorten backup/recovery times, and improve overall operational efficiency.

          Move Your Storage Plans Forward

          A Storage Healthcheck is an ideal first step that can help you plan for future projects such as:

          • Storage consolidation
          • Storage virtualization
          • Data deduplication
          • Tiered storage design and implementation

          Storage Healthcheck Deliverables

          A Storage Healthcheck delivers a comprehensive summary report, which includes:

          Infrastructure Analysis

          • Identification of performance bottlenecks and recommended remedial actions
          • Changes in data patterns
          • Inventory of storage servers, arrays, and infrastructure
          • Capacity analysis
          • Storage usage and alerts
          • TCO and ROI analysis
          • File aging data (to assist with data retention decisions)

          Recommendations for Immediate Action

          • Get in-depth recommendations that help you get started optimizing your storage environment quickly

          How to Get Started

          1. We schedule a Storage Healthcheck discovery workshop led by a PC Connection services engineer.
          2. We install the agent-less data collection tool, which runs for 30 days.
          3. The tool generates detailed reports.
          4. PC Connection engineers provide recommendations and present a final report.

          Optimized from the Ground Up

          As a follow-up to our Storage Healthcheck Service, PC Connection also offers Storage Design Services to help you design, build, and implement a storage solution that fits your organization’s exact needs. Our engineers are certified and skilled at developing storage solutions that build efficiencies into your IT environment. They have expertise and experience in developing storage consolidation solutions, virtualization solutions, tiered storage solutions, disaster recovery solutions, and more.

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