Windows 7 Assessment

          Why Are You Waiting to Refresh Your PCs?

          Take the Initiative and Boost Your Infrastructure with a Windows Assessment

          If you’ve been putting off updating your infrastructure, now is a great time to discover what a PC refresh can do for your organization. Learn how a deployment of cutting-edge, energy-efficient PCs equipped with Windows can help you cut costs, boost productivity, and simplify manageability. A Windows Assessment from PC Connection can help your organization plan for this deployment and ensure a smooth transition to new technology.

          Plan Ahead for a Seamless OS Migration

          Upgrading an OS can be a challenge for many organizations. You have to consider a mixture of PC technologies, numerous application sets for different user groups, and possible compatibility issues. Start your project off on the right foot with a Windows Assessment from PC Connection. From repurposing existing machines to creating a more streamlined, secure, and productive desktop environment, our assessment gives you the information you need to optimize your Windows migration.

          How Does a Windows Assessment Work?

          Our Windows Assessment provides a snapshot of the physical data of the desktop and notebooks in your environment, including system BIOS age, memory, CPU, and hard disk information. It also dives deeper than other assessments by providing detailed reporting around software titles installed, as well as which software programs were used on each machine. This information allows for the desktop readiness and planning of your Windows deployment, and it also addresses software license compliance and the security vulnerability of those machines.

          Windows  Assessment Steps

          1. First we schedule a Windows Assessment discovery workshop led by a PC Connection services engineer.
          2. Next we install the data collection tool, and it runs for 30 days.
          3. Then the tool generates detailed reports and our engineers analyze and distill the data.
          4. Finally PC Connection engineers deliver customized recommendations and advice to optimize your Windows planning and deployment.

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