Data Center Private Cloud - Build your own cloud infrastructure.

          Building a Private Cloud

          Cloud Computing Basics

          Cloud computing delivers IT as a service to end users through the use of the Internet and technology such as virtual machines to share software and hardware. With its focus on enabling users to dynamically request IT services, the cloud differs from traditional IT.

          It is currently grouped into three types of offerings:

          • Public Clouds: IT services shared by multiple organizations; managed by an external provider
          • Private Cloud: Pooled internal resources of a single organization, delivered on demand
          • Hybrid Cloud: An organization’s use of a mix of private and public cloud infrastructures

          The Case for Building a Private Cloud

          One of the most common reasons organizations initially consider cloud computing is to reduce TCO and minimize IT infrastructure investments. However, IT professionals quickly realize that the biggest benefit is IT agility. Using the cloud, they can deliver IT services more efficiently; simplify provisioning and deployment; and rapidly scale to meet the needs of the organization.

          Despite all the benefits of reduced costs and increased agility, many organizations harbor concerns tied to the privacy and security of their data. Leveraging a “private cloud” within the walls of an organization can address this concern. IT can build their own “cloud” infrastructure by creating highly virtualized pools of compute, storage, and network resources, and realize many of the same benefits of the public cloud, without the risk associated with relying on an external provider to ensure security.

          The Technologies of the Private Cloud

          The technologies creating the underpinnings of a private cloud begin with virtualization. For example, VMware builds on virtualization to deliver cloud infrastructure and management solutions, cloud application platform solutions and end-user computing solutions that significantly reduce IT complexity.


          Solutions Begin with Us

          Building a private cloud creates many opportunities to increase collaboration between server, storage, network & desktops groups within an organization and prioritize projects to deliver the best possible results. Creating more fully virtualized environments across the stack, built on standardized operating procedures, enables increased hardware utilization, higher availability, and efficient and flexible resource management. The results: improved service and simpler, more efficient infrastructures.

          With standardization in place, private clouds can effectively leverage automation tools. Self-service in a private cloud requires an organization to use automated workflows to request and approve resource deployment, and leverage identity-based security to ensure only authorized users can access the infrastructure and the applications.

          Finally, since cloud computing uses centralized IT resources, determining what budgets will fund which projects can be challenging. However, it is possible to develop a model to support effective IT charge-backs in a cloud-based model with solutions from partners like VMware. Once the organization reaches an agreement on a fair means to allocate cloud-based resources, then lines of business will only be charged for the resources they consume.

          Understanding Your Needs

          Scaling resource allocation based on demand ultimately provides the functionality and cost-savings that enable your team to focus on business innovation, rather than operations and maintenance.

          Many PC Connection partners such as VMware, HP, Cisco, and IBM offer technologies you can assemble to build your private cloud. If you’re wondering how to begin, you may want to start by assessing your needs and your server, storage, network, and desktop environments. Services from PC Connection, your Cloud Connection™ solution provider can help you establish a solid foundation for growth that enables greater productivity, manageability, and scalability.  For more information, please complete this Information Request Form, or contact your account manager at 1-800-800-0014.

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