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          Making the Move to VDI

          Desktop Management Made Easy

          Virtualization has had a dramatic effect on the way data centers operate. And now you can apply this same cost-cutting technology your employees’ PCs. When reducing operating and capital expenses is a priority, there is never been a better to time to discover how Virtual Desktop technology can drive down the costs of managing and maintaining your desktop infrastructure.

          VDI begins by separating users from their PCs’ data. While that may seem frightening, VDI also allows a business to provision new PCs instantly, nearly eliminate desk-side visits, and work towards a zero downtime goal. Virtualization allows us to put the user, rather than the hardware, at the center of the IT process. Much like server virtualization, VDI simplifies complexity involved with data access and storage while adding application server-like attributes that enable users to quickly access the applications they need.

          In the old IT model, nearly all of your employees would require a fully optioned PC which would run underutilized most—if not all—of the time. With VDI, provisioning happens at the server level and equates to issuing another client PC to your pool of users. VDI also simplifies patching and upgrading PCs since all patches applied to the VM in turn affect all the PC clients. Security also becomes easier. Since each user operates in their own sandbox, separate from its host, malware and viruses have limited impact on operations as a whole.


          Solutions Begin with Us

          How We Can Help

          When considering desktop virtualization, best practices would be to start with the best fit desktops/users and quickly sort out any desktops and users that are not good candidates for the first wave of VDI. Our Virtual Desktop Assessment service will help you select those best candidates and remediate the conditions that are making some desktops/users less than ideal fits.

          Is your organization using Active Directory as your infrastructure domain?  A Microsoft Active Directory Assessment is also a great service to consider before virtualizing your desktops.  Ask an account manager about this service when planning any of these changes to your infrastructure.

          For businesses in need of a streamlined virtualization process, VMware’s View Manager provides a painless way to centrally manage and deploy virtual desktops for end-users utilizing VMware Infrastructure. You can hit the ground running after participating in our VMware View Manager Jumpstart service. This service offers your administrators a valuable knowledge-transfer training program to learn about VDI administration using the VMware View Manager. It delivers practical knowledge through a proof-of-concept setting, at your facility, to maximize learning.

          For more information, contact your account manager at 1-800-800-0014 or complete this Information Request Form.

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