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          Secure, Manageable Mobility

          Harnessing the power

          Mobile computing has changed the way we live, work, and play. Never before have so many possibilities been right at our fingertips—from instant face-to-face video calling and real-time document collaboration to anywhere, anytime Internet access. Harnessing the power of notebooks, tablets, and smartphones has become a major priority for organizations eager to gain increased productivity and performance.

          Giving your users the ability to work anywhere presents a challenge when it comes to creating a secure, manageable environment. Implementing a successful mobility solution takes more than a handful of smartphones and a wireless plan—it takes careful planning. Preventing data loss is a serious concern, especially when portable devices leave your facility on a regular basis. Not only does your IT staff need to worry about the physical security of portables, they also need to defend against data loss over public, unsecured wireless networks.

          Managing a variety of portable devices, many of which may be running different operating systems, can be a formidable challenge. To make certain your data, devices, and network stay uncompromised, you need robust, flexible management, advanced security features, and responsible usage policies.

          Notebooks, Tablets, & Smartphones—Oh My!

          With so many different choices when it comes to mobile computing, finding the right device for your users’ needs may seem daunting. Thanks to powerful new processors and energy efficient technologies, there are many different portable options on the market today—including notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Should you let your employees choose what devices they use at work? Can they use their personal devices instead of company-supplied ones?

          Different mobile devices offer varying levels of portability, convenience, and performance, so it’s important to consider your users’ environment and computing needs when selecting a device. In many cases, users will require more than one device based on the situation—but keep in mind, supporting too many devices or operating systems can be a challenge for IT staff. Evaluate your users’ workloads, and select a portable device that strikes a good balance between the features your users want and the functionality they need.


          Solutions Begin with Us

          Gear Up with a Game Plan

          To ensure you see the greatest benefits, you’ll need to develop a strategy that maps out how you want to use mobility within your organization. This mobility strategy should cover portable computing devices, data service plans, usage policies, necessary training programs, as well as networking, management, and security needs. How will mobility integrate into your existing infrastructure? A clear understanding of what you want to accomplish will make it easier to answer questions that arise throughout the process of implementing a mobility solution. It’s also important to consider how you’ll implement future technology as devices, applications, as infrastructure evolves.

          Determining portable device compatibility, security risks, wireless networking needs, and cellular connectivity options is much easier when you have complete understanding of your existing infrastructure’s capabilities and your users’ performance needs. Gather as much information as you can to make intelligent, informed decisions, and your mobility investment will continue to pay productivity dividends for years to come.

          Meet the Mobility Experts

          PC Connection offers a suite of services to help you design and implement a mobility solution that meets the unique needs of your environment. We can evaluate and configure hardware, software, and technical support solutions to fit your budget and application. Our services include offering such as:

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