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          Optimizing Your WAN

          Smarter Strategies for Data Sharing

          Wide Area Network (WAN) managers face increased demands on bandwidth and connectivity as more enterprise users work from remote locations. Advances in networking—such VoIP, unified communications, and improved security—actually enabled this shift in work styles, and this in turn has put new demands on the WAN.

          Now, with applications becoming more centralized and users more distributed, Wide Area Network (WAN) performance limitations such as limited bandwidth, longer latency, and packet loss are becoming more apparent. WAN optimization helps you organize and prioritize your network traffic, giving priority to latency-sensitive services, including VoIP and real-time video, and delivering noticeable performance improvements for users.

          Support Behind the Scenes

          An increase in your mobile workforce will also give rise to your need to provision more users remotely with the tools they need to get their jobs done. Your highly distributed workforce will need access to collaboration tools and applications they regularly use, and it will be easier to provision a remote worker over the Internet. As your employees go mobile, their telecommuting lifestyles will require that you offer them IT as a "service"—all demanding more resources from your network.

          While collaboration and communications tools are the key applications for mobile users, IT must also deal with infrastructure, security, and performance management issues such as provisioning, supporting, and backing them up. WAN optimization on-demand solutions offer increased business agility to deal with these issues.


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          Helpful Tips

          When investing in your network to enable mobile users, consider technologies like:

          • Network Traffic Monitoring and Network QoS. Monitor and manage the network for quality of service—not just bandwidth use—with end-to-end quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities. Improvements in quality will allow you to squeeze out the maximum performance from your existing network without investing in new bandwidth.
          • End-to-End Network Security. Add network security technologies such as SSL or IPSEC virtual private networks (VPNs), VLAN segmentation and control, endpoint authentication (802.1x, NAC, NAP), and denial of service protections. Ideally, you should create several layers of defense.
          • Wide Area Application Servers (WAAS). Enhance the network experience between your data centers and branch offices by mitigating latency and congestion. WAAS also reduces application bandwidth usage with advanced compression and content prepositioning technologies.

          Get Optimized with a WAAS POC

          We’re here to help you prepare your network for the future, with solutions like unified communications and videoconferencing, while optimizing security, reliability, and your network infrastructure.

          To get the most out of your network, we offer a Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) Proof of Concept (POC) service to demonstrate the impact of WAAS in your environment.

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