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          About Storage Area Networks

          Calculating Your Needs

          While the benefits of server virtualization are undeniably real, expanding a virtual environment to reach its full potential demands a capable storage solution. You need to know your data usage patterns and build a storage solution that supports the way your servers, applications, and users work. Many organizations are investing in network storage technologies, such as Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions, to meet this demand for flexibility and agility.

          If you don’t have a SAN solution in place, the initial investment can seem daunting. If you’re already using SAN-based storage, you’ll most likely need to invest in a toolset to manage your virtualization needs. It’s important to plan by creating a storage budget. While you may have to pay for adjustments to your storage solution up front, you’ll see significant operational savings almost immediately, through reduced management costs and fewer capacity upgrades.

          SAN Benefits

          Reduce your IT operating expenses and increase efficiency with a SAN storage solution that:

          • Consumes less energy per terabyte than traditional direct attached storage
          • Increases disk utilization while reducing the number of physical drives that you need to power, cool, and house
          • Scales storage capacity on demand
          • Replicates data to remote sites in real-time for worry-free file restoration and disaster recovery
          • Allows you to maximize your server and desktop virtualization

          Our storage design and installation services will help you design and install your SAN, and offer you valuable knowledge transfer to support your infrastructure with confidence.


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          Helpful Tips

          • Thin provisioning is an excellent way to scale your SAN to meet storage requirements. It allows you to deliver storage to users as they need it, instead of paying for space that sits empty. It also enables you to put a buffer in place; as capacity is reached, you can add extra space to meet demand.
          • Thin provisioning is a careful balancing act. Applications that have rapid growth might not be the best targets for thin provisioning.


          Plan Your Path

          It’s critical to thoroughly understand your current infrastructure’s strengths and weaknesses to develop an environment that’s agile, powerful, and efficient. By knowing where to invest your IT dollars for maximum ROI, you can reduce capital expenditures and operational costs while providing higher service levels.

          PC Connection has the tools you need to build a successful storage solution for your virtual environment. Our Storage Healthcheck Service is an ideal first step that can help you plan for future projects such as:

          • Storage consolidation
          • Storage virtualization
          • Data deduplication
          • Tiered storage design and implementation

          With the data from your assessment, our experts can design custom configurations to match your business needs with specialized storage services that include:

          • Project scoping
          • Solutions development
          • Best practices advisement
          • Implementation support
          • Vendor liaison support
          • Product demonstrations

          For more information, contact your account manager at 1-800-800-0014 or send an email to


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