Digital Signage Installation - The infrastructure needed to mount your display 

          Digital Signage Installation

          Mounting a display or projector is something most people don’t think about until after their display purchase. In actuality, the display mount can be just as important as the device you are mounting and requires some forethought.

          • Does your display need to tilt or move away from the wall?
          • Does your display need to sit flush with the wall?
          • Are you considering a video wall?
          • Will a projector be part of your digital signage solution?
          • Are you front projecting or rear projecting?
          • How will you mount the projector screen?
          • What about projection film to turn a glass window into a gigantic display?

          These are all reasonable questions that you need to ask yourself. If you’re still unsure of your requirements, give us a call. We will help you wade through the thousands of mounting solutions available and help you pick the right one for your situation.

          Digital signage installation - Cupcakes in a commercial setting

          Media Players and Digital Signage Appliances

          A digital signage media player gives you the ability to play audio, video, live television broadcasts, and more. Much like an iPod or DVD player—but much more powerful—these simple devices are designed to run nearly 24 hours a day. So think twice before using a consumer DVD player. DVD players can freeze up, fail from constant use, and don’t offer the ability to lock out features—so they are subject to tampering. Also, unlike DVD players, media players offer options such as intelligent card readers and built-in CMS. These features can result in maximized time and cost savings.

          Digital Signage Appliance Media Player Digital Signage HD Network Player

          Cables and Video Equipment

          Put your best image forward with cables and equipment specifically designed to work with your solution. You’ll get better-quality audio and video over those generic box store solutions. Here are some of those products that we sell and support:

          Cables and Video Equipment - Digital signage installation hardware


          We Design, Sell, and Install Signage and A/V Solutions

          PC Connection is here to make your digital signage choices simpler. We'll listen to your specific requirements and helf you uncover the sinage solutions that meet your needs and your budget. And thanks to our service partner, iTeam, we'll support you every step of the way—from consultation to installation to disposition. The message is clear—PC connection is your best source for digital signage.

          We offer:

          • Pre-project consulting to discover what solutions best suit your needs 
          • Project planning and documentation—a full-scale design effort that involves our highly qualified solution engineers 
          • Fabrication and installation by our certified project manager and field technicians 
          • Training and customer care service to ensure the key people at your facility can use your new equipment with ease

          Digital Signage Installation Services:

          • Unpacking of the digital sign, SFF PC or media player, and components
          • Installation of the digital sign using a customer-provided stand or wallmount that is up to 8' off the ground
          • Installation of the SFF PC or media player
          • Connection to power and local AV components
          • Attachment of a customer-provided, compatible security device (such as a chain or lock)
          • Provide a brief, functional overview of the digital sign and remote
          • Remove packing materials to an on-site dumpster or other trash receptacle
          • Verifty that all work is completed to satisfaction

          Monitor Installation Services:

          • Unpacking of the monitor/display
          • Installation of the mounting bracket and securely mounting the monitor to the bracket
          • Connecting the monitor to a pre-existing AC power supply and neatly dressing the cables
          • attaching and concealing the customer-provided cables from the source to the display (up to 25' through standard frame walls or drop ceilings); if standard obstructions prevent standard wall/ceiling cable fishing, we will provide and install track moulding to conceal cables
          • Provide a brief, functional overview of the monitor and remote
          • Remove packing materials to an on-site dumpster or other trash receptacle
          • Verify that all work is completed to satisfaction

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