Healthcare Compliance and Security Solutions: Patient data security and compliance are attainable with proper planning.
          Implement dependable privacy and security measures with our Healthcare Compliance and Security Solutions.

          Compliance Becomes Less Complicated...
          when you think of it as an ongoing process

          The benefits of Electronic Medical Records are tremendous, but medical facilities and physicians practices must guard against accidental data loss and security breaches. We can help you implement privacy and security solutions that both you and your patients can trust.

          Kensington Security Solutions for Healthcare. Learn More.
          • Data Loss Prevention
            Nearly one in four data breaches come from the healthcare community. Data loss prevention solutions can help maintain data integrity and control for healthcare organizations of any size. Learn how to minimize risk and improve compliance.
          • Network Security
            Unauthorized access to a hospital’s or clinic’s network could jeopardize operations, not to mention the health of a patient. Secure your health IT network from threats that arise everyday and ensure seamless access to critical data for clinicians and staff.
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