Document & Image Management
          Document and Image Management: Combining patient data into a single, secure EHR which is accessible across multiple systems.
          Document & Image Management - Improving operational efficiency and quality of care.

          The Days of Chasing Paper Are Over: Put a File-Free Plan into Action

          The easiest place to start addressing document management is at the paper level. We will work with you on solutions that capture patient data quickly, put critical information in the hands of clinicians, and improve operational efficiency and quality of care.

          • Document Security
            Ensure privacy, integrity, and accessibility of protected health information, prescriptions, and patients’ vital records with advanced scanning and printing solutions.
          • Electronic Health Records
            Ultimately you need Electronic Health Records and content management solutions that incorporate all of a patient's data into a single, secure record accessible across multiple systems and platforms.
          • Medical Image Archiving
            Digital medical image storage is a significant challenge. Explore new options for archives and backups.
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