THE THREE PILLARS of Modern Security
          Protect.Detect. React.

          Gone are the days of impenetrable perimeters and bulletproof security strategies. The simple fact of doing business in today’s hyper-connected world means that your data will always be at risk. You can take steps to mitigate that risk—and of course you should—but risk will always be there.

          Your workforce requires more devices, more user-friendly workflows, and more access to data that drives the decision making process. As IT fuels that innovation with anywhere, anytime productivity, it also creates new opportunities for security threats to infiltrate your environment. But where do you draw the line between business requirement and unnecessary risk? And how do you enforce it?

          In this issue of Connection, we explore the reality of modern security and provide expertise across three pillars of security to help you protect your organization, detect sophisticated threats, and react effectively. We will help you better comprehend today’s real-world threats and how they could affect your organization. From security assessments and penetration testing services to managed security services, we’ll take a look at the tools required to develop a complete understanding of your risk level, prioritize threats, and balance your business needs against your security requirements.

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