What You Need to Know About New Business Ultrabooks

          Upgrading to more powerful and efficient notebook computers can offer many advantages for your organization including improved security and productivity.

          View this webinar to get all the details around the exciting new business Ultrabooks. Specifically we will talk about new technologies like:

          • Intel® Smart Response Technology, which automatically delivers ultrafast access to your most frequently used applications and files.
          • Intel® Rapid Start Technology to get your device up and running faster from even the deepest sleep, saving time and battery life.

          Discover how this technical innovation will change the way businesses do business.

          Presented in partnership with the PC Connection family of companies and Intel


          Fast-Track Virtualization and Cloud Computing: Discover an Affordable Solution with Cisco vExpress Bundles

          This webinar explores an affordable route to virtualization and cloud computing with Cisco vExpress Bundles. vExpress brings together leading technologies to deliver simple and powerful virtualization solutions for your organization—with storage, network, compute, and virtualization stacks for different platform sizes and data needs.

          We will show you how to easily install a highly scalable data center infrastructure that can grow with your organization. Finally, see a quick overview of IT services and on-staff Cisco expertise available from the PC Connection family of companies—a Cisco Gold Partner—to help you meet your organization’s virtualization objectives.

          Presented in partnership with the PC Connection family of companies and Cisco


          iPad in Business: Integration and Deployment Deep Dive

          Listen to this informative Apple® iPad® in Business webinar to learn how you can: 

          • Wirelessly configure settings
          • Distribute and manage configuration profiles
          • Monitor compliance with corporate policies
          • Secure iPad devices throughout your organization

          We also review best practices for mobile device management (MDM) and BYOD, plus services available from PC Connection to assist with iPad integration, deployment, and MDM.  


          Apple, the Apple logo, and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. 


          Optimize Your Client and Server Refresh:
          Discover Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience 3.0 for Windows 7

          View this two-part webinar series to discover how moving to Windows 7 with new computers can help your organization’s operations run more smoothly. You’ll see how Lenovo partnered with Microsoft to deliver its Enhanced Experience 3.0 for Windows 7, which is focused on collaboration and security for business PCs.

          In part one explore the many possibilities that a client PC refresh presents for your organization. We’ll also show you how Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience 3.0 for Windows 7 on Think-brand PCs enables a 20-second faster start-up than a typical Windows 7 PC*.

          In part two our focus shifts to Lenovo’s enterprise-class offerings. Find out what new server options and workstation systems are available. We’ll also review the services from PC Connection to assist with your refresh and your transition to Windows 7.

          Presented in partnership with the PC Connection family of companies and Lenovo

          * Compares averaged data from Lenovo EE3.0 PCs with averaged data from 42 competitor products of similar configuration. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. or other countries.





          Easy and Affordable Telepresence in the Cloud

          The advantages are clear: Video collaboration is helping organizations scale expertise, get closer to partners, and even close more sales. But if you are a small- or medium-size organization, how do you get started with telepresence?

          View this webinar to learn about Cisco TelePresence Callway, a cloud-enabled service that helps smaller organizations get the benefits of using telepresence without the added complexity of deploying it themselves.

          We explore the business benefits of video calls and how Cisco Callway makes telepresence capability available to everyone within your organization. You’ll learn how Callway removes barriers to video adoption so that you can focus less on technology and more on the value telepresence offers your organization.

          We wrap up with a quick overview of IT services and on-staff Cisco expertise available from the PC Connection family of companies, a Cisco Gold Partner.

          Presented in partnership with the PC Connection family of companies and Cisco


          Mac in Business: Integration Deep Dive

          PC Connection invites you to an informative Mac® in business briefing that offers solutions to help you integrate Mac into your business environment.

          If your organization is considering adopting Apple® products as a standard computing platform, you’ll want to plan to integrate them into your corporate network and your Active Directory environment.

          Attend this presentation to see how you can ensure that all users are monitored and supported and that their systems are tied to the policies governed by your directory services.

          We’ll also show you how PC Connection can assist with planning, implementing, and delivering the Active Directory and client management solutions that fit your business needs, as well as services to support deploying and managing Mac computers on your network.

          Register now, and let’s get started.

          Apple, the Apple logo, and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the US and other countries.

          How to Satisfy Your Power Users:
          Learn about the HP Z1, the first professional all-in-one workstation

          Meeting the computing needs of professionals in your organization can be challenging. However, the latest generation of components allows computer designers to pack more power in a smaller space and create new form factors that were unimaginable only a few years ago.

          Join us for a first look at HP’s new Z1 All-In-One, the first truly professional All-in-One workstation, which brings compactness and power to a new level.

          • We first examine the requirements of power users such as designers and engineers, including the eco-system of software and hardware optimized to meet their demanding visualization and computing needs.
          • We then explore the features of the innovative Z1 workstation solution and its Z-series Workstation DNA.

          View this webinar to gain valuable insight that will help you select the best computing tools for your power users. You will also learn about services from the PC Connection family of companies to assist you with device selection and deployment.

          Presented in partnership with the PC Connection family of companies and HP


          The Video Advantage: 4 Steps to Video Collaboration for Your Organization

          In the course of a workday, communicating in person is not always possible. View this two-part webinar series to learn about video collaboration solutions that help your organization achieve the next best thing: face-to-face communication even when people are miles—or continents—apart.

          Research has found that 90% of frequent users say video collaboration technologies save them at least 2 hours of valuable work time a week. In this segment, we explore the business value of solutions that enable people at all levels of an organization to participate in video calls.

          In this segment, learn the 4 steps to making video a reality for your organization. We also discuss services available from PC Connection to help you assess your network and ensure it’s ready to support video collaboration solutions.

          Presented in partnership with the PC Connection family of companies and Cisco.



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