Microsoft Software Assurance Workshop: Beyond Upgrade Protection

          Software maintenance programs come in many different shapes and sizes.  Most programs offer "upgrade protection" only.  However, Microsoft's Software Assurance program offers a robust slate of options, beyond basic upgrade protection.  Join our experts, as they offer tips on how to take the best advantage of Microsoft's software assurance benefits, as well as the features of Microsoft's Software Assurance Program.



          How to Maintain Software Licensing Compliancy: The Fundamentals of Software Asset Management

          Maintaining a compliant software licensing investment is an important priority.  However, this task is confounded by complex licensing rules and constantly changing IT infrastructures.  The PC Connection, Inc. SAM Practice understands this frustration.  Join us for this informative webinar, as we define Software Asset Management (SAM) best practices, and when engaging in this process can be the most beneficial.  Our session will showcase the fundamental aspects of a SAM Baseline engagement and provide an overview of our SAM Practice offerings, designed to support organizations through compliancy exercises.



          Explore Microsoft's Cloud Offerings:  Discover Options Across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

          Businesses today are constantly evaluating their infrastructure and determining what needs to stay on premise vs. what needs to move to the cloud.  Sorting through the possible choices can give you paralysis by analysis.

          Join Joel Sherman as he discusses the benefits of Microsoft's cloud offerings in-depth.  Joel is a Senior Microsoft Development Specialist, and a member of PC Connection's Microsoft Practice team.  Joel explains the value of Microsoft's cloud offering across the SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS platforms, to help you determine which path may be a good fit for your organization.



          Which Microsoft Open Value Program is Right for Your Small Business?

          The Open Value licensing program from Microsoft offers a small business, up to 250 seats, some very compelling benefits.  There are licensing sub-categories within the Open Value program, each offering its own unique benefits to your organization.  This session will offer guidance to help you determine which Open Value program is right for you.



          Microsoft 2013 - Navigating an Evolving Product Landscape

          For the first time in Microsoft’s history, in 2012 every major product group had a new edition hit General Availability for Volume Licensing. In this webinar, PC Connection Microsoft experts—Joel Sherman, Sr. Partner Development Specialist and James Nagurney, Business Development Manager—guide you through various changes you need to know about and what they mean for you.



          Is a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Right for Your Organization?

          Has anyone ever tried to convince you that a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is just the right plan for you?  An EA can be a powerful cost-cutting tool that helps you stay compliant and up to date.  But, not everyone should be in an EA. In fact, many organizations will find the program to be an inefficient licensing vehicle for their specific needs.  An EA does make sense under certain conditions. However, if those conditions are not present, other Microsoft licensing programs may be the best fit for your organization. 

          In this webinar, we  talk about types of situations that might benefit from an EA as well as scenarios that might be better served by other programs.  Presented by one of our top Microsoft Practice licensing analysts, Jack Dillman, this webinar helps you explore key considerations regarding the EA, what to watch for, and where the greatest opportunities for licensing optimization lie. 


          4 Steps to Achieve Clarity and Control of Your Microsoft Investments

          Do you want to eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty from your licensing decisions and build an investment that aligns your business strategy and your budget?  Join PC Connection’s Jack Dillman, as he offers you four simple steps to gain clarity and control of your licensing decisions and investments.  He’ll provide an upfront look at our Microsoft License Optimization (MLO) process designed to provide you the clarity and control you crave.  This process will help you obtain an overall vision of your licensing program’s purpose and create a “blueprint” to make annual updates a breeze.




          SQL, Big Data and Cloud BI

          SQL 2012 allows for integration of data, including Big Data both on premise and in the cloud.  This webinar will help you gain an understanding of SQL licensing  and how SQL can be used for data mining to gain key BI into your organization.

          View this webinar, to discover the benefits of Microsoft SQL in-depth, presented by Jared Bisbano and Joel Sherman.  Both are members of PC Connection’s Microsoft Practice team, and offer a decade of combined software licensing experience.  They share valuable information that will leave you with a comprehensive understanding of SQL licensing  and discuss how SQL can be used for data mining to gain key Business Intelligence insights into your organization.  



          Understanding Your Microsoft Licensing Statement (MLS)

          As an individual, many experts recommend you check your credit report at least once a year.  And that’s good advice.  But, as an IT Professional, how often should you be reviewing your Microsoft licensing statement?

          Join PC Connection’s Jack Dillman, Business Development Manager for Microsoft.  Jack offers a comprehensive overview of how to read the license statements obtained from Microsoft.  This is the same report format that Microsoft uses when they decide who they should audit, so it’s good to have a solid grasp on the information published in these reports.



          Microsoft Webinar Series

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