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          Converged Infrastructure in Action: Discover What It Can Do for Your Data Center

          Organizations today need more innovation, speed, and flexibility from their data centers to keep pace with evolving business requirements. Legacy IT infrastructures are too complex, too costly to operate, and too slow, limiting business agility and draining IT budgets.

          View this webinar to learn how HP Converged Infrastructure enables you to turn today's rigid technology silos into adaptive pools of resources that can be shared by many applications and managed as a service.

          Learn about:

          • Convergence of wired and wireless networks and management for new BYOD solutions
          • HP 3PAR 7000, one of the hottest converged storage solutions on the market
          • Our Get Thin and Get Virtual guarantees
          • Flat SAN technology
          • Converged platforms for the next phase of virtualization and consolidation

          We'll also discuss services available to help you establish a solid foundation for growth that enables greater productivity, manageability, and scalability for your data center.

          Presented in partnership with HP 

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          Discover the Amazing New Windows 8 PCs: Learn about business benefits, mobile productivity, and more

          Windows 8 PCs are thinner, lighter, and faster with an incredible array of new device designs in new and traditional form factors. 

          View this webinar to learn about the newest Windows 8 PCs. We’ll explore how they can benefit your organization and open up new possibilities in mobile productivity.

          With Windows 8, you don’t have to choose between a touch device and a hard-working PC because you can have it both ways. We’ll review the wide assortment of hardware options like tablets, convertibles, notebooks, Ultrabooks, and all-in ones that are perfect for the workplace.

          We’ll also discuss services available to help you get more out of your PC investment and deploy secure, mobile PC solutions.

          Presented in Partnership with Microsoft

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          Boost Security and Performance, Satisfy Users and IT with New Business-Class Ultrabooks™ 

          Discover how you can meet users’ expectations for style and performance, strengthen security, and make system management easier with the ultra secure, ultra sleek Ultrabook™, a new business-class device inspired by Intel. In this session, we explore what makes an Ultrabook™, an Ultrabook™  and take a look at the HP EliteBook Folio 9470m  Ultrabook™ based on 3rd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors.

          View this webinar to learn:

          • What user capabilities are part of the business Ultrabook™ platform from Intel,
          • The role that Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor technology plays in managing and securing your PC fleet,
          • About the HP Folio Elitebook 9470M.

          We wrap up with a quick overview of IT services and on-staff expertise available from the PC Connection family of companies to help you select and deploy business Ultrabooks™ in your organization.

          Presented in Partnership with Intel

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          Launch into a New World of OS Efficiency with Lenovo Enhanced Experience 8

          Lenovo has combined its best hardware and the new Windows 8 OS to create Lenovo Enhanced Experience 8. View this webinar to discover what Lenovo’s commitment to innovation and leadership means for your organization.

          • After trailblazing with Microsoft and Intel on a quicker, responsive, and agile Windows  7 environment, Lenovo raised the bar with new products designed specifically for optimizing and enhancing your Windows 8 experience.
          • Lenovo didn't just create cool, new, light, powerful, and "twisting" devices. They have also included software advantages and details aimed at launching your organization into a new world of OS efficiency, coupled with Lenovo’s lower total cost of ownership.

          View now for a detailed look at new Lenovo devices with rock-solid design that are easy to deploy, support, use, and maintain.  We also review services available from the PC Connection family of companies to fully support your technology refresh.

          Presented in Partnership with Lenovo

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          The Software-Defined Data Center—Discover a New Approach to Cloud Infrastructure

          Cloud computing enables organizations to deliver new services, maximize results, and support employee productivity. View this two-part webinar series to explore an innovative infrastructure platform: the software-defined data center.

          In the first segment you’ll discover:
          • How a software-defined data center removes complexity by recasting compute, storage, networking, and security as virtual software services
          • How organizations can derive greater value from virtualization and cloud infrastructure investments with technologies that offer visibility and control of infrastructure and application health and performance, service costs, and risks
          • How VMware vCloud® Suite simplifies IT operations and delivers the best service-level agreements (SLAs) for all applications

          In the second segment you’ll learn about solutions to support your IT team as you build a long-term cloud strategy. We’ll present services available from the PC Connection family of companies like our comprehensive VMware Total Performance Analysis that helps you prepare your virtual infrastructure for the future.

          Presented in Partnership with VMware

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