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Stuck on Step Zero?

How to Activate Office 365

by Patrick Renzi | Friday, December 30, 2016

You've taken the plunge and decided to make the switch to Office 365. The first step was, naturally, completing the licensing purchase. Regardless of how you've made this purchase, there may be a few roadblocks sitting in your way. So let's hope the detour signs are there to help navigate you through. Connection is here on your journey to Office 365 to be that signage—brightly declaring to watch out, activation is just ahead! Let's start with the Enterprise Agreement, Microsoft's flagship agreement.

When purchasing your Office 365 through an Enterprise Agreement, Microsoft will furnish what is known as a "welcome letter." This is sent to the end user at contract signing as the subscription contact. When it's received, the viewer has 2 options: sign in or sign up. This is the first roadblock, and perhaps the most important. Office 365, and Microsoft's other SaaS offerings run off of their Azure Active Directory service over what is known as an "Organizational ID." Org IDs are sometimes referred to as "customer domains" or "Office 365 Tenants" and can always be identified by the ".onmicrosoft.com" suffix that is assigned to each. Consider this the internal domain for your Office 365 service. If you've already established an Organizational ID, either through trialing the Office 365 service or through another Online Service, such as the Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Package (FOPE), you may have settings and data that you want to carry over. If this is the case, you will want to choose "sign in" and activate the purchase on your Enterprise Agreement to this existing Organizational ID. If you want to start over, or perhaps this will be your first foray into Online Services, choose “sign up.” Creating an Organizational ID from scratch for your organization to use. Be careful what you choose, however, as each enrollment can use just one Organizational ID.

Stay Competitive with Speed and Quality

Get to Market Faster with Xamarin DevOps Tools

by Patrick Renzi | 12.28.16

As a small ISV start-up, you truly face a tough task. How can you compete against more established software developers without cutting deeply into your bottom line? Creating new IP takes time, and testing that IP takes even longer. You could cut time by developing your application for only one platform: developing for only iOS will reach a larger subset of clients; while developing for Android may take less time. Focusing on just one platform may save time, but you are also limiting your audience of mobile users. If only there was a tool to simplify coding to normalize your app across all platforms. Someone must have been listening, because now there is!

HP Elite X3 in Dock

A Seamless Combination of Mobility and Security

How HP Elite X3 Makes You More Efficient

by Jeff Trent | 12.27.16

Security is top of mind for everyone these days. With all the latest news of high-profile cyber attacks, it’s no wonder. Everyone needs to pay better attention to security—perhaps no one more than the federal government. And while staying secure remains a top priority, safety measures on your work machine can be counter-productive if they prevent you from working efficiently.

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