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Chris Thum - Business Development Manager

Are You Ready for Your Next Technology Refresh

Having an Expert IT Partner Is Invaluable


If you’re looking to refresh all or part of your fleet of systems, having a trusted IT partner can prove to be your greatest asset. When Lee University, a private four-year liberal arts college with more than 4,000 students, was looking to roll out a new set of desktop systems, they turned to our team of experts at GovConnection. As the BDM on their account, I was able to put them in touch with certain Lenovo systems, including some all-in-one form factors, that have really been a great fit in their classrooms and faculty offices.

Nate Tucker, Director of IT Systems at Lee University, remarked, “One of the things we found is that Lenovo systems have great performance—we are extremely satisfied with the Lenovo computers…that we deployed this year. The quality of the Lenovo product is very reliable. Currently we are 100% Lenovo in the PC area and since we are an educational institution, we have some Macs on campus. So we have a mixture; about 80% of our computer devices are Lenovo.”

As for working with GovConnection, Tucker wouldn’t have it any other way. “They key ingredient for us in [our relationship with GovConnection] is being able to get those devices in and turn them on, and they work—and GovConnection was able to deliver a product to meet that goal.”

For more insight into how Lee University worked with GovConnection on their annual technology refresh, listen to our episode of the Connection Point podcast, featuring Nate Tucker.

For more than 30 years, the PC Connection family of companies has been trusted to provide and transform technology into complete solutions. For more information, drop us a line.

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