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James Nagurney
National Business Development Manager
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Kurt Hildebrand
Director of Practices and Initiatives for Enterprise Storage
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Lane Shelton
Vice President of Software Business Development
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Director of the Mobility Practice
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Tony D'Ancona
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Keeping Up with Microsoft

How You Can Benefit from Their Accelerating Product Update Schedule

by James Nagurney | 10.09.13

When it comes to releasing new versions of its products, Microsoft has largely stuck to a predictable pattern. Recently, however, it’s become clear that Microsoft has shifted gears. In 2012, we experienced a wave of new releases that left no major product untouched—activity we haven’t seen in almost 3 years. Now it appears that the next 12 months and beyond will see a similar rate of change. Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server 2014, Lync 2014, System Center 2012 R2, and Visual Studio 2013 are all expected to be major releases (ie, not free service packs). New Office “Gemini” apps will be available in 2014 in the Windows Store, and Microsoft is hinting at a new Windows desktop OS every year. Read on for 3 benefits you can expect from Microsoft’s need for speed.

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Microsoft Licensing: Untangled

The PC Connection Microsoft Practice

by Lane Shelton | 09.30.13

Are you struggling to make sense of your Microsoft licensing situation? We know how important Microsoft’s products are to your organization, as well as how frustrating and confusing their licensing can sometimes be. PC Connection is here to help you gain clarity and control over your licensing. We’ve built our Microsoft licensing services specifically to help you simplify your licensing programs and make smarter investments that deliver exactly what your organization needs. 



PC Connection, Inc. announced it has won the Microsoft Platinum Level Operational Excellence Award. The company was awarded this distinction for delivering market-leading operational excellence supporting Microsoft technology over the past year.


Microsoft Server and Cloud Environment

Microsoft Server and Cloud Enrollment Licensing

An Explanation in Plain English

by Lane Shelton | 09.23.13

Microsoft has announced a new licensing program called the Server & Cloud Enrollment (SCE), which will launch in November 2013. As you may expect, there are many things to consider: new options to explore and evaluate, changes to existing programs to think about, and pricing changes to understand. To give you a better picture of the coming changes, we’ve drawn up an SCE white paper, which outlines what to expect with this new enrollment.

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The Microsoft Licensing Corner, #3

Navigating the Windows Server and System Center Roadmap

by James Nagurney | 12.03.13

Microsoft released new versions of Windows, Windows Server, and System Center in October, furthering their trend of releasing major upgrades every 2 years or less. In light of these new releases, I think now is the time to review the updated roadmap for these products. Read on to delve further into what the latest upgrade schedule means for your Microsoft licensing situation.