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Tony Dancona - Vice President of VMware EUC

Desktop Virtualization Is All Around

Overcoming the Challenges of Your Virtualized World


You know about desktop virtualization: it can simplify management and optimize user experience while reducing costs for your organization. But you may not be aware of the new tools available to IT managers that will allow you to easily scale virtual desktops without the guesswork that may have accompanied sizing, installing, and expanding your virtual infrastructure. Today, we’ll share more information about how these new tools can help you overcome the challenges presented by VDI.

Centralized data center control facilitates desktop virtualization security, but there are additional challenges to overcome.One of the biggest benefits of desktop virtualization is being able to centralize control of end-user desktops. Moving that control to the data center facilitates security, especially in the cases of remote users. But as your virtual desktop landscape expands, keeping track of everything can become a bit burdensome. Fortunately, there are several new developments in virtualization that can simplify management even as your virtual infrastructure grows. Things like persona management, application virtualization, the ability to create a stateless desktop, and the opportunity to access your desktop via a browser on any device all help to simplify VDI management.

In this episode of our Connection Point podcast, I join Bob Fosina, Partner Development Manager for Cisco to discuss in depth the challenges of desktop virtualization and how Cisco and Connection can help you set up the right VDI solution for your organization. 

For more than 30 years, the Connection family of companies has been trusted to provide and transform technology into complete solutions. For more information, drop us a line.

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