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Shannon Gauthier - Marketing Programs Manager for Healthcare

Investing in Life-Saving IT

Bring Success into Focus with Digital Signage Solutions


It’s not every day that IT investments are credited with helping save lives. But that’s exactly what Advanced Medical Transport (AMT), located in Central Illinois, accomplished with their innovative use of advanced digital signage solutions.

Digital Signage Solutions DisplayThere is a paradigm shift in managing healthcare IT today, presenting a unique opportunity for providers to improve patient care, ensure better outcomes, and achieve compliance. Digital signage is playing a key part in that evolution.

AMT uses a 27’ x 9’ video wall to provide critical information to dispatchers and ambulance crews heading into emergency situations. From road closures and service area maps to national news and up-to-date weather feeds, the digital signage communicates vital information that helps AMT’s experts arrive on scene faster.

For more details on the IT solutions designed for maximum performance, reliability, and value—read the case study “Life-Saving IT Solutions”.

For more than 30 years, the PC Connection family of companies has been trusted to provide and transform technology into complete solutions. For more information, drop us a line.

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