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Heather Eakin - Senior Services Manager

Is Your Data Center Optimized?

A Total Performance Analysis Goes a Long Way


When Ryan Detman, IT Manager at Western National Bank, wanted to validate that his virtualization environment was optimized, he reached out to the experts at PC Connection. Known for energy and commercial lending, Western National Bank (Midland, TX) strives to provide superior service to customers and has helped communities reach their goals for more than thirty years. As the Senior Services Manager on their account, I worked closely with Ryan and our expert team here at PC Connection to arrange the right services to accomplish his goals.

Data Center ServersAs Western National has grown from a $400,000 bank to a $1.4 billion bank over the past ten years, they’ve taken on more servers and more vendors as the data center has had to expand to meet changing needs. Before beginning a storage resource management project, Ryan wanted to make sure his virtualization environment was set up according to best practices. Having worked with PC Connection for eight years already, he was happy to engage our team. Together, we decided that a Total Performance Analysis from PC Connection would be the best way to gauge how they were doing today and how well they were positioned for the future.

PC Connection monitored and analyzed performance in Western National’s data center for forty-five days. Their environment passed with flying colors, but our team highlighted a few areas where they could improve to ensure success for years to come. Now Ryan and his team plan on doing a Total Performance Analysis every year to ensure everything is in order in their data center.

For the full story on how PC Connection helped solve IT for Ryan and his team at Western National, listen to our podcast.

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