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Making a Good First (and Second) Impression

Helpful Job Search Hints from a Recruiter’s Perspective


Margin Management Analyst, Subsurface Data Analyst, and Behavioral Analyst…what do they have in common? Not much. I did a search using the word “analyst” on a job posting website and retrieved 1,000+ results. Drilling down a little further, I discovered the job descriptions for each position were quite different. From the posting, I found out more about the job requirements and responsibilities, learned about the company, and got a sense of the corporate culture. Following a link to the company website displayed similar jobs and great deal of information in varying degrees of importance for a jobseeker.

Making a good first impression at a job interview.With such easy access to information, it’s surprising for recruiters to hear from candidates that are unfamiliar with the job they’ve applied for. Our questions are often met with responses such as, “Well, I’ve been applying to every job.” “Yeah, that sounds about right,” and “Probably.” These statements give recruiters the impression that the candidate is not interested in the position or the company.

Candidates often lament that they send resumes only to get an automated thank you response, or no response at all. This can be demotivating. Spending a little more time researching a potential opportunity can save you from applying to unsuitable jobs, and remove the potential for unnecessary rejection. That time invested up front also puts you in a much better position when it comes time to make that first impression.

When you do receive a call, it’s because your resume and cover letter piqued someone’s attention! Now it’s your opportunity to make another great impression. If you are driving or otherwise pre-occupied, do not answer the call. We’ll leave a message. We want to meet you and find out more about you. Call back when you’re able to concentrate and can put forth the best case about your knowledge, skills, and the contributions you can make to the organization. Remember, you have a limited number of opportunities to make a good impression. Be ready to put your best foot forward when a recruiter calls for the IT job you really want!

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