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Microsoft from Many Angles

Learn More about Recent Developments in Licensing and Support


Since Microsoft has recently made a number of changes to some of its most widely-used products, I’ve gathered together articles from around the Web to provide you with more information, tips, and tricks for making the most of your Microsoft stack.

SQL Server 2014 Hits General Availability


The latest release of Microsoft's database product, SQL Server 2014, became generally available on Tuesday, two weeks after being released to manufacturers.

By Kurt Mackie

Redmond Channel Partner

April 1, 2014



Licensing Changes for SQL Server 2014

https://www.directionsonmicrosoft.com/licensing/secured/2014/03/licensing-changes-sql-server-2014   (Requires subscription to read)

Although SQL Server 2014 retains the same licensing models, edition lineup, and pricing, the new version introduces modest packaging and licensing alterations that impact Software Assurance (SA) and other purchasing decisions.

By Rob Horowitz

Directions on Microsoft

March 31, 2014



The Death of Exchange Server 2003: What Will Take Its Place?


With Microsoft's aging e-mail server set to lose extended support on April 8, organizations have a host of options—both on-premises and in the cloud—to migrate to.

By Jeffery Schwartz

Redmond Channel Partner

March 12, 2014



Getting started with Office for iPad


Microsoft Office for iPad has arrived, and when paired with a keyboard, it might just change the way you use your tablet.

By Rick Broida


March 28, 2014



IT Directors: Keep an eye on those iPads with Office


What corporate managers should remember is the subscription that workers may be paying for with the iPad apps prohibits commercial use. Microsoft’s warning is quite clear about such use.
By James Kendrick


March 31, 2014



The Problem with Office for iPad: No Mouse Support


As soon as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the long-expected release of Office for the iPad last week, I downloaded it on mine. Upon opening Word on the iPad, it displayed all of my documents stored in OneDrive and even sorted them in the order that I last accessed them in. Frankly, Office documents in OneDrive are easier to find and navigate on the iPad than the Microsoft Surface or Dell Venue 8 Pro using the modern Windows 8.1 interface because of how they’re organized. Still, because it doesn’t have native support for an external mouse, I won't be using Office on the iPad that often.

By Jeffery Schwartz


March 31, 2014



A close-up look at the Windows 8.1 Update


A major update to Windows 8.1 arrives via Windows Update on April 8. It’s aimed at making the desktop experience easier for keyboard and mouse users. Here’s a close-up of the changes you can expect.

By Ed Bott


March 10, 2014



Microsoft Launches Enterprise Mobility Suite


At a media event in San Francisco today, Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella announced the launch of the company’s new Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). The company says this bundle of services will make it easier for IT organizations in large businesses to manage all of the devices their employees carry with them, whether they are Windows devices, Android phone or tablets, iPads or iPhones

By Frederic Lardinois

Tech Crunch

March 27, 2014



Just for Fun: Finally, a Windows Phone for Hipsters!


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