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Mike Vanderkieft - Director of Product Management, Client Computing

Put the Right Mobile Devices in Your Users' Hands

Balance the Desire for New Technology with the Need for Security


Over the past few years, organizations have increasingly moved away from the traditional desktop PC and toward more mobile computing platforms. Users are clamoring for devices with innovative features, intuitive controls, and seamless connectivity—like those they enjoy at home. Not only that, but new form factors and new technology can revolutionize the way your users create, collaborate, and communicate. Not surprisingly, touchscreen tablets are at the top of most users’ wish lists, as they offer the most compelling feature sets. But what is the best way to securely integrate a fleet of tablets into your organization? Read on, and I’ll tell you.

While tablets provide mobility, ease of use, and a personalized user experience for your users, they also raise some red flags for your IT staff. How can you integrate and manage consumer devices while protecting critical data and ensuring compliance with ever-changing policies and regulations? Then there’s also the issue of mobility. Some tablets require the purchase of mobile device management (MDM) software and have special licensing considerations, which can increase your TCO.

But don’t worry. There’s a solution that can get your users the tablet experience they want without creating lots of extra work for your IT staff. The combination of Windows 8 and the Ultrabook™ convertible form factors offer the best of both worlds. These form factors feature the sleek, lightweight design and powerful processing of regular Ultrabook™ devices, with the bonus of a touchscreen display. There’s even a variety of models, with displays that rotate, flip, or detach completely, so you’re sure to find the right fit for your users.

These devices also feature processors powered by Intel® vPro™ technology for remote management and advanced security capabilities. So you don’t have to sacrifice the manageability your IT staff requires to monitor, control, and support your device fleet in order to add mobility to your organization.

For more information on Ultrabook™ convertible form factors and how they can boost employee morale and productivity in your organization, take a look at our solutions story

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