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Software Upgrade

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Windows 8 Running On Multiple Devices

Now Is the Time to Upgrade to Windows 8

3 Reasons for Making the Move

by Jonathan Clark | 04.07.14

You’ve heard it many times by now: Extended Support for Windows XP Service Pack 3 is ending soon. We know that moving your whole organization to a new OS can be a daunting project, the consequences of running old technology can soon outweigh the benefits. Looming security risks, performance lags, and costly management and requirements mean now is the time to move to Windows 8. Read on for three reasons why upgrading now makes sense.

Tags:MicrosoftSoftware UpgradeWindows 8

Windows XP Migration Services

Is There Room in Your Stable for Windows 7 and 8?

Why a Hybrid Approach Could Give You the Best of Both Worlds

by Lane Shelton | 04.02.14

Right now, the vast majority of the customers I talk to have chosen to migrate to Windows 7. They are doing this for a lot of good reasons, and I get it. But it’s also becoming clear that specific use-cases within an organization can really benefit from Windows 8/8.1. For more information about what Windows 8 can bring to your organization, read on.

Tags:AssessmentLicensingMicrosoftSoftware UpgradeWindows 8

Microsoft Windows 8.1 For Business

Windows 8.1 for Business: Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Three Reasons to Make the Switch Now

by Lane Shelton | 10.03.13

In this final installment of our Windows 8.1 series, we’ll get right down to it and let you know why we think this is the OS version that will make your upgrade worthwhile. So if you’re thinking about how your future computing environment should look and planning some kind of transformative element in your next refresh cycle, we say give Windows 8.1 a serious look for three reasons:

Tags:MicrosoftSoftwareSoftware UpgradeWindows 8

Windows 8.1 Start Menu - Shut down

Behold! The Start Button!

What Was Old Is New Again in Windows 8.1

by Lane Shelton | 09.26.13

In this series, we’re presenting a first look at Windows 8.1. Today, we’ll be talking about the famous Start button. 

One of the major barriers to 8 adoption in the first place was the radically different user experience of the “Modern” interface, which was too different to justify for day-to-day users. We’d heard that Microsoft was adding the Start button back, along with the ability to boot to desktop, bypassing the unfamiliar tile screen. We also heard they would establish lock-downs at the corporate IT level to give managers the ability to re-create the more familiar Windows 7 experience for traditional users. Here’s what we experienced:

Tags:MicrosoftSoftware UpgradeWindows 8

Windows 8.1 First Impressions - Using the operating system on a tablet.

Windows 8.1 First Impressions

Is the Update a Viable Business Platform?

by Lane Shelton | 09.24.13

There’s been something missing from the Windows 8 platform that gives a large number of our business customers pause, and we understand the concerns. Windows 8 was a radical departure from the Windows we’ve all been using since the early days. Flashing tiles, a new interface layered on top of a traditional interface in one OS—we heard time and again from customers large and small that it was too much change. Many of those same customers just finished rolling out Windows 7, or were somewhere in the middle of their refresh to 7, and Windows 8 proved to be a bridge too far. 

Tags:MicrosoftSoftware UpgradeWindows 8

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