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Aaron Russo
Senior Manager for Tech Sales Data Center
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Jeff Stork
Senior Service Manager
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Lane Shelton
Vice President of Software Business Development
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Jeff Sheehan & Ed Partenope

We Are Connection

We Strive to Help You Succeed

by Ed Partenope | 11.10.16

In my last post, I presented you a discussion I had with our Product Management VP, Jeff Sheahan. We sat down and talked about what drives us here at Connection. Today I’d like to share with you another discussion between Jeff and me, where we really delve into our core competencies and capabilities as a National Solutions Provider.

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Jeff Sheehan & Ed Partenope

Who Is Connection?

Who We Are, What We Do, Why We Love It

by Ed Partenope | 11.08.16

Recently, I got a chance to sit down with Jeff Sheahan, VP of Product Management here at Connection, and we discussed what sets Connection apart from other solutions providers. Among other things, we discussed our mission statement and how we connect customers with the solutions and services that help them achieve their business outcomes. I’m really excited to share our talk with you, so you can get to know us better.


Increase the Health of Your Organization

Start a Wellness Program with Ergotron Solutions

by Katie Springs | 09.19.16

Last time we talked about the health problems associated with a sedentary work day. Eight hours (or more!) in front of a computer can exacerbate all kinds of health problems. Many organizations are looking into ways to help ensure their employees stay healthy—and productive on the job.


Working at a Sitting / Standing Desk

The Science of Sitting

How—and Why—to Create a More Active Office

by Katie Springs | 09.12.16

As I discussed in my last post, sitting for prolonged periods of time is quickly becoming one of the most underrated health threats. Lack of movement increases fatigue, reduces focus, and makes it harder to manage stress. Adding just a bit more low-level activity—such as standing or walking—to your day preserves good health; plus it can help manage chronic conditions.


Working at a Standing Desk

Sit, Stand, Go!

Increase Worker Movement to Boost Productivity

by Katie Springs | 08.22.16

These days, so many of us spend our workdays sitting. Maybe we get up a few times: for coffee breaks, to stretch our legs, or to speak to our colleagues, but still most of the time, we’re sitting at our desks, typing away. It’s not great news, then, that recent research has suggested that there are some health concerns associated with prolonged sitting that can affect our overall health and well-being. After all, your work has to get done, right? You don’t have time to get up and go for a walk every hour. Don’t worry; there are easier solutions to this problem than you might think.  

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