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Data Storage News

The latest data storage news and solutions to help you improve the efficiencies within your organization’s storage and backup environment. From articles on storage solutions, including advancements in virtualization, to data management, and more. We’ll keep you Connected with our Data Storage News.

Flash Storage: Solid State Drive (SSD)

Flash: More Data, Faster Access

With the need for high-speed access to large amounts of data reaching a crescendo, and the cost of flash memory steadily falling, it is time to examine new approaches to storage, including hybrid-flash and all-flash arrays.

by Eric Bruno | 06.05.14

Big data, regulatory compliance, and increased security scrutiny have contributed to storage-related issues such as data sprawl and long-term data retention needs. This has placed a huge and ever growing data management burden on business and IT departments. You need to devise a strategy to safeguard your business and customer data, and improve overall operational efficiency while reducing costs. When considering your informational resources strategy, one technology that needs to take center stage is flash storage.


Storage Modernization – Boost Performance & Save Money

Why Sensible Storage Matters

Get the Boost You Need and Save Money Along the Way

by Kurt Hildebrand | 04.14.14

There are two simple truths when it comes to storage: every organization has data they need to store, secure, and manage—and that amount of data is increasing every day. We live in the information age—and it’s revolutionized the way we do business. Data has become the all-powerful tool we use to better connect with customers, make smarter investment decisions, predict industry trends, and much more. So if data’s role has changed, why do we still use the same storage technology that’s been around for twenty or thirty years? Well, that’s all beginning to change.

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SSD and HDD Storage Drives

Battling Storage Demands?

Help is on the way...

by Louis Kaneshiro | 01.23.14

2013 has been an exciting year for technology. The cloud has been seeded, BYOD has gone B-I-G, and solid state drive (SSD) use is driving the future. With 19 years under my belt at Kingston, I’ve seen trends come and go. And don’t let the fact I manage Kingston’s SSD Product Engineering Department lead you to believe I’m biased—but SSD is here to stay. 


An alternative to high-performance hard disk drives, Intel® solid state drives can boost your client and data center systems to the next level in storage performance, reliability, and responsiveness. Here are five reasons why now is the right time to upgrade to SSDs.


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