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What's New in the World of Microsoft?

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Can you believe some businesses are still running Windows XP? Check out the story below, as well as the rest of your Microsoft headlines, for the latest and greatest on the software giant.


Not big, not clever: Some businesses just can't let go of Windows XP


Almost one in five small and medium businesses worldwide is still using Windows XP months after Microsoft ended support for the operating system.

by Steve Ranger


June 18, 2014

Office 365 Roadmap Program Promises Clarity on Software Updates


Microsoft is attempting to make its Office 365 software release changes more visible and predictable for organizations.

by Kurt Mackie


June 19, 2014



Microsoft OneDrive jumps to 15GB Free, and 1TB for Office 365


Microsoft more than doubles its free cloud storage and goes deep for Office 365 users, saying what’s most interesting is what goes on top of all that storage space.

by Charles Cooper


June 23, 2014



Microsoft Exchange Getting Expanded Public Folder Support Next Month


In a Monday blog post, Microsoft indicated that Exchange public folder support will expand from 10,000 folders to 100,000 folders. That increase will start to take effect for Office 365 Exchange Online customers in “early July.”

by Kurt Mackie


June 9, 2014



Windows 8.1 overtakes Windows 8 in desktop OS arena


Friendlier to PC users than its predecessor, Windows 8.1 continues to eke out a higher share while Windows 8 slips downward.

by Lance Whitney


June 2, 2014




Windows 8 Start menu from Microsoft?  Not till 2015


It’s looking like Microsoft's new “mini” Start menu for Windows 8.x won't be part of Windows 8.1 Update 2 as rumored.

by Mary Jo Foley


June 2, 2014



SQL Server 2012 Receives Second Service Pack




Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 SP1 Ships




BizTalk Server 2013 R2 Ships




Selecting a Desktop OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8.1


Requires Directions on Microsoft subscription

by Wes Miller

June 2, 2014



Microsoft Apologizes For Exchange, Lync Cloud Outages, But Says Only Small Number of Customers Affected


Microsoft has apologized to customers for major outages to its Lync and Exchange cloud services earlier this week, and says it has fixed the glitches that caused them.

by Kevin McLaughlin


June 27, 2014



How to Migrate to Hyper-V


A growing number of organizations are starting to show an interest in using Microsoft Hyper-V to virtualize their infrastructures. With the improvements to Hyper-V introduced in the latest release of Windows Server, it's become feasible to run it alongside existing VMware virtual environments as explained earlier this year. But when it comes to migrating from VMware, there’s more heavy lifting involved.

by Brien Posey


June 5, 2014



Microsoft Azure Slowly Gaining on Amazon Web Services


While Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains by far the most widely used cloud provider by enterprises, it appears Microsoft's Azure cloud service has gained significant ground over the past year since releasing its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering.

by Jeffery Schwartz


June 2, 2014

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