ADTRAN - Need to Scale Your WLAN? There's the Hardware Way or the Easy Way


          Creating a Secure, Scalable Wi-Fi Network Has Never Been Easier

          ADTRAN®'s virtual Wireless LAN (vWLAN) brings the power of virtualization to your Wi-Fi network. Just as virtualization redefined the data center by optimizing computing resources for maximum performance and efficiency, vWLAN lets you apply the same benefits to your wireless infrastructure to achieve greater control, scalability, and cost savings.

          Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Virtualize Your WLAN

          The popularity of mobile devices and shift toward anytime, anywhere productivity have caused demand for wireless connectivity to skyrocket—but many organizations don't have a cost-effective strategy in place to scale their wireless networks in sync with demand. The traditional scaling method has been to extend WLANs by deploying more hardware controllers at the expense of time, money, and staff resources. ADTRAN's vWLAN offers a smarter alternative—leveraging your VMware investment to merge the power of virtualization with your wireless network. vWLAN is the only wireless LAN solution with virtualized network control and management that runs on a hypervisor, unlocking the potential for significant benefits:

          Simplify and Save—Eliminate controller hardware to streamline management and greatly reduce capital and operating expenses

          Divide and Conquer—Separate the control and data plane to enable flexible, software-driven scaling, greater capacity, and higher reliability

          Support 10X the Growth—Hardware controllers have scale limitations determined by the backplane capacity. The vWLAN centralized control and management software enables unprecedented scaling and capacity—letting you add users, locations, and access points as you grow

          Get Industry-Leading Compatibility—vWLAN is the only VMware Ready certified WLAN solution

          Build a Better WLAN Today

          The experts at Connection can help your organization simplify wireless network control, achieve greater WLAN scalability, and realize significant cost savings. From assessments to Wireless Site Surveys, Connection offers a wide range of services to ensure your next wireless networking project is seamless from start to finish. Call an Account Manager today to apply the power of virtualization to your wireless network with an innovative vWLAN solution from ADTRAN®.

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