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          AMD Servers

          Bring High Performance to the Data Center with AMD

          Ground-Breaking Architecture

          AMD Opteron™ processor-based servers are made to handle real world workloads with superior value and energy efficiency at every price point. Unlike competitive products focused on raw performance, AMD technology-based servers deliver one platform to support the top-line demands of your organization with a total cost advantage you can take right to the bottom line.

          Faster Speeds, Better Graphics

          AMD Opteron™ processors with Direct Connect Architecture deliver outstanding performance within a consistent footprint and thermal envelope. ATI FirePro™ graphic accelerators from AMD empower professionals in financial, engineering, digital content creation, and scientific fields through application performance leadership, with the assurance of reliability and innovation.

          AMD Opteron™ 6200 Series Processor

          More Cores, More Speed, More Value

          The new AMD Opteron™ 6200 series processor delivers the world’s highest core density, letting users host more virtual machines per server, handle more database users, and solve more complex High Performance Computing (HPC) applications with fewer nodes and less power—offering a better option for the hyper-efficient, virtualized, cloud-ready world.

          • Lowest cost per Virtual Machine*: Customers can deploy fewer physical servers as needs increase
          • Greater performance† than the most popular processors at almost the same price
          • Up to 160% more cores‡ to handle more virtual machines per platform and minimize data center space
          • No-compromise feature set offers a high memory and I/O throughput for growing workloads
          • Supports virtualization technology including:
            • Microsoft Hyper-V
            • VMware vSphere
            • VMware View
            • Microsoft Remote FX
          • Addresses the requirements to run an optimized and budget‑friendly data center:
            • Core density
            • Large L3 cache
            • Cost efficiency
            • High memory addressability

          *Lowest cost per VM assumes 1 core per virtual machine: AMD Opteron™ processor Model 6238, 12 cores, $455 1kU price, $32/VM, and Intel® Xeon® E5603, 4 cores, $188 list price, $47/VM. Visit for more information. †Intel® Xeon® E5640 list price is $774 with a SPECint score of 253, AMD Opteron™ 6276 list price is $788 with a SPECint score of 480. ‡AMD Opteron™ 6200 series has up to 16 cores per processor. Intel® Xeon® E5600 series has up to 6 cores per processor. Visit for more information.

          AMD Opteron™ 4200 Series Processor

          Power the Cloud with AMD Opteron™ Processors

          The new core architecture of AMD Opteron™ processors is designed to handle peak traffic loads with unparalleled energy efficiency to keep budgets under control. With ground-breaking architecture featuring up to 16 cores, AMD Opteron™ processors can quickly scale up to handle serious workloads so you can expand your organization into the cloud.

          • Performance: Up to 84% greater performance than the competition*
          • Scalability: 73% more memory bandwidth than leading processors†
          • Efficiency: As low as 4.375W per core!

          *LINPACK (2P) AMD Opteron™ processor Model 6276 generates 84% more FLOPS than Intel® Xeon® processor X5670
          †Based on models with similar processor performance using SPEC CPU2006 testing results found at

          Boost Performance without Sacrificing Energy Efficiency

          An essential component of any cloud computing environment is the ability to balance performance with low energy consumption. The new AMD Opteron™ 4200 Series processor provides the low power consumption you need, without sacrificing key features such as cache and memory speed. Specialized features that combine outstanding energy efficiency with high core count processors help ensure AMD-based platforms not only scale well, but do so efficiently.

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