AMD Server Solutions

          Ground-Breaking Architecture

          AMD Opteron™ processor-based servers are made to handle real world workloads with superior value and energy efficiency at every price point. Unlike competitive products focused on raw performance, AMD technology-based servers deliver one platform to support the top-line demands of your organization with a total cost advantage you can take right to the bottom line.

          Greater Performance, Greater Efficiency

          Agile compute module x86 processor:

          • Scalable up to 4 sockets with up to 16 cores
          • Four DDR-3 memory channels: up to 1866MHz memory and 1.5TB capacity in 4P systems
          • Up to 3.50GHz base frequency
          • Up to 24% higher Java performance over previous generation

          Up to 40% higher performance per watt than previous generation.

          • C6 power state enables ultra low power by gating power to idle cores
          • Flexible power management

          AMD Opteron™ 6300 Series Processor:

          More Cores, More Speed, More Value

          New Key Features:

          • 2nd Generation Core Architecture—designed to drive more core density and greater throughput
          • AMD Turbo CORE Technology—AMD Opteron™ 6300 Series processors have a 44% higher max boost than Intel Xeon E5-2600 Series processors.
          • Flex FP—delivers up to sixteen 128-bit floating point units per processor
          • AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) Technology 2.0—heightens virtualization efficiency with new enhancements to the AMD-V suite of virtualization to optimize data center rack space and help minimize management tasks
          • Processor Cores—delivering 60-100% more cores over the competition for scalable systems
          • Memory bandwidth—quad memory channels and high memory capacity for robust configurations
          • Performance—60-100% more cores than the competition. FMAC units in the Flex FP help drive more performance by executing FMA4 instructions that execute complex calculations in half the cycles as the competition.
          • AMD-P 2.0 Technology—Power-saving features like C6 Power State and TDP Power Cap along with 1.25 (volt) ULV-DIMM. C6 Power State shuts down power to idle cores. TDP Power Cap gives you the flexibility to set power limits without capping processor frequency.

          It can be difficult to determine what infrastructure you need to support today’s computing demands—and to predict how those needs might change in the future. Watch this Video Meet Up with experts from AMD, PC Connection, and Spiceworks as they discuss the topic of right sizing your servers. Learn more about sizing for virtualization, physical servers, or specific workloads.


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