CA Technologies Licensing

          CA Technologies Licensing

          We carry a full line of licensing products from dozens of software manufacturers. A volume license lets you purchase a single copy of an application and a license to install it on multiple computers across your network -- the more licenses you purchase, the greater the volume discount you receive. When you purchase a volume license from us, you can leverage our expertise to drive down costs and decrease the burden of managing software. Contact your Account Manager or call (888) 213-0260 today to start realizing the benefits tomorrow.


          Vendor Name/Licensing Program Name

          Computer Associates has two main licensing programs:

          Open License Program (OLP)

          Government License Program (GLP)


          Minimum Program Requirements

          OLP - No minimum points

          GLP - None (must be Government Agency, Non-Profit, or Academic Institution)


          Media Packs (How Media is obtained)

          Purchase separately (media for each program is referred to as the Solutions Kit)

          The Solutions Kit is a CD-Rom portfolio containing all products available though each program

          Customers activate the specific application(s) they purchased via a key code provided with the license certificate (live trial versions of other products are also available with the Kit)


          Purchase Levels

          OLP : No minimum points

          GLP : Must be Government Agency or Academic Institution to qualify


          Reorder Policy (if applicable)

          Allowed: yes

          How long: 2 years

          Minimum licenses required to re-order: 1

          Pricing rule: purchase level established by initial order


          Upgrade Protection (How program works)

          Available: yes

          Marketing name: Upgrade Protection

          Term: 1 or 2 years

          Can shrink-wrap licenses or OEM licenses be enrolled: no


          Tech Support (Programs that can be added to base programs)

          Available: yes

          Marketing Names: Standard-included with each order for 90 days

              Value - 12x5 support for a product category (Storage, Desktop, Security)

              Preferred Site - 24x7 support for a defined site

              Both programs offer 1 and 2 year memberships


          Contact Us

          Call us today to arrange a consultation with one of our Licensing Specialists.

          Corporate customers - call (800) 986-2122
          Government and Academic customers - call (800) 986-4177

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