Dell Healthcare

          Why Dell for Healthcare?

          Dell™ believes information is the foundation on which healthcare will move forward. They are committed to helping the world create an information-driven healthcare system.

          When healthcare is information-driven:

          • Information is interconnected and shared among caregivers across the globe, creating communities of care
          • Data becomes knowledge and moves healthcare beyond episodic care to prevention by recognizing patterns in patient histories
          • Patients are empowered to take control of their own health and share knowledge and experiences within communities of care

          More healthcare providers, payers, researchers and doctors turn to Dell more than any other company in the world. With over one thousand dedicated healthcare specialists and numerous customized healthcare solutions, Dell is leading the way to information-driven healthcare.

          Healthcare data security that enhances accessibility

          Managing healthcare data requires security that doesn't impact clinician access to data. And with the fast changing healthcare environment, your solution must be agile enough to adapt quickly to new demands and new security threats.

          • Demand is growing for interoperability, collaboration and data exchange
          • Clinicians bring their own mobile devices to the job and demand that the system support those devices
          • Cyber thieves can sell medical records and are using increasingly sophisticated attacks to obtain healthcare data
          • HIPAA enforcement is increasing, and data breaches require costly remediation in addition to the harm they do to a healthcare facility’s reputation
          Dell Healthcare

          Dell healthcare solutions offer industry leading, end-to-end security solutions that maintain accessibility for caregivers. With our unique blend of hardware, software, services and partners, Dell can help you protect patient data whether that data is residing in a data center, or on an end user device such as a laptop or tablet. Dell can help you protect patient data while expanding accessibility for authorized users.

          Data center security

          • Dell PowerEdge™ servers are built on the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 chip with two enhanced security features: Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (AES-NI), for better data encryption, and Intel Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT) , which improves security when using virtual machines.
          • Dell KACE™ systems management devices to allow for easy deployment and maintenance of security features.
          • Dell SonicWALL™ dynamic network security and data protection systems deliver comprehensive Next-Generation Firewall and Unified Threat Management solutions; also provide Secure Remote Access, Email Security, Backup and Recovery, and Management and Reporting to organizations of all sizes.

          End-user security

          • Dell Data Protection and Encryption. Using either hardware-based Full Volume Encryption, enabled by a Hardware Encryption Accelerator, or software-based Data Centric Encryption, the Dell solution delivers system disk and external media protection in a single solution.
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