Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Suite offers a reliable and high-performing infrastructure to run your business, protect access to enterprise assets, and demonstrate regulatory compliance. This IT management solution mitigates risk by allowing you to visualize network topology, performance, and compliance information on a single pane of glass. Simply put, WhatsUp Gold Suite is an intuitive, comprehensive, and cost-effective network management toolset.

          Two core products

          Network Management
          WhatsUp Gold is a powerful, proactive monitoring and management solution, designed for networks of all sizes—from SMB to enterprise. It’s tried, tested, and proven on over 100,000 networks just like yours.

          Log Management
          WhatsUp Log Management automatically collects, stores, archives, analyzes, and reports on Syslog, Windows events logs, or W3C logs generated by a variety of servers, devices, and security appliances.

          WhatsUp Gold Plug-ins

          Discovery and Network Mapping
          WhatsConnected lets you easily discover, map, inventory, and document your entire infrastructure—including network devices, servers, deployed software, VMware virtual machines, VLANs, and port-to-port connectivity—quickly and efficiently, in a matter of minutes.

          Network Traffic Monitoring
          WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor ensures application performance, oversees network traffic prioritization policies, and saves money by eliminating costly bandwidth utilization issues..

          Network Traffic Analysis
          WhatsUp Gold Flow Publisher acts as a network traffic flow information source for Flow Monitor and forwards processed NetFlow records to it.

          Network Configuration and Change Management
          WhatsConfigured automates network device configuration file backup, restore, storage, and change management processes—eliminating common manual and repetitive configuration tasks.

          Virtual Server Monitoring
          WhatsVirtual extends the power of WhatsUp Gold so you can discover, map, monitor, and manage your VMware virtual server environment exactly in the same way, and from the same console, as your physical server infrastructure.

          Voice over IP Monitoring
          WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor accesses information generated by Cisco IP SLA (service level agreement) enabled devices to monitor parameters essential to VoIP performance including jitter, packet loss, latency, and other calculated performance values.

          Failover Automation
          WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager
          enables the configuration of a primary and secondary server running the exact same version of WhatsUp Gold.


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