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          JBoss® Enterprise Middleware is the leading enterprise-class open source software used to build, deploy, integrate, orchestrate, and present web applications and services in a service oriented architecture (SOA). These solutions offer customers the best of both worlds: enterprise-class stability and open source innovation. Using JBoss Enterprise Middleware, customers can:

          • Decrease development complexity
          • Improve inadequate end-user experience
          • Resolve business process friction
          • Enable unparalleled flexibility
          • Significantly lower total cost of ownership

          JBoss Enterprise Middleware includes:

          • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for building and hosting Java applications and web services. The Application Platform integrates the leading open source Java application server, the category-leading Hibernate object/relational mapping and persistence engine, and the innovative JBoss SEAM framework and programming model for building Web 2.0 applications.
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          • JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform for content aggregation, personalization, collaboration, and information sharing. The Portal Platform integrates the standards-based JBoss Portal with the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.
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          • MetaMatrix Enterprise Data Services Platform (acquired in May 2007) is a powerful data services management system. It provides tools for creating data services accessible through JDBC, ODBC, or web service protocols, a repository for storing data service definitions with relevant metadata, and a robust execution environment that provides enterprise-class performance, data integrity, and security. MetaMatrix Enterprise Data Services Platform helps reduce the time and cost of software development and integration by quickly bridging the gap between the data you have and the data you need. When multiple project teams maintain duplicate or inconsistent data sources, organizations lack a single, integrated view of enterprise data that is fully accurate and accountable in real time.
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          • JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform provides a new-generation, simple, open, and affordable integration and business automation platform to the enterprise software market. It is a single platform to find, integrate, and orchestrate SOA business services, enterprise applications, and other IT assets into automated business processes.
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          • The JBoss Operations Network management platform (server-agent) delivers centralized systems management for the JBoss Middleware product suite. Coordinate the many stages of the application lifecycle and expose a cohesive view of your middleware components through complex environments. Improve operational efficiency and reliability with visibility into production availability and performance. Effectively manage configuration and rollout of new applications across complex environments with a single, integrated tool.
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          • JBoss Developer Studio (introduced in Dec. 2007) JBoss Developer Studio provides a certified open source development environment that includes and integrates Eclipse, Eclipse Tooling, and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. This integrated development environment provides developers everything needed to build rich web applications using technologies like Hibernate, JBoss SEAM, and JBoss Application Server. Additionally, because JBoss Developer Studio includes both certified visual tooling and a runtime platform that Red Hat supports for five years, developers can have confidence that their development environment and platform is stable, upgradeable, deployable, and supportable.
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          • JBoss Hibernate Framework, the defining object/relational mapping software that influenced the technology, architecture, and philosophy of the Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 (EJB3) specification, is considered one of the critical new features of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5.0 (Java EE 5).
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          • JBoss SEAM Framework, the innovative, unified programming model for building modern applications, including Java EE and Web 2.0.
          • JBoss jBPM Framework, the leading open source business process management engine supporting multiple process languages and graphical-oriented programming.
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          • JBoss Rules Framework, which is quickly gaining ground as one of the most widely downloaded open source business rules engines today.
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