Trend Micro Enterprise Security - Immediate Protection. Less Complexity.

          Trend Micro Enterprise Security

          Get Immediate Protection with Less Complexity. Trend Micro Enterprise Security.

          Trend Micro™ Enterprise Security is powered by Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network, unique in-the-cloud technology that correlates web, email, and file reputation data in real time—so you are protected immediately. As an integrated solution, it also reduces management complexity.

          Endpoint Security: Protect More. Manage Less.

          Trend Micro endpoint security significantly lowers your exposure to threats with immediate protection—both on and off the network. In-the-cloud threat intelligence from Trend Micro Smart Protection Network dramatically reduces endpoint infections, lowering IT clean-up time and management costs. Rethink your endpoint security with two flexible new endpoint security solutions designed to easily scale, adapt, and grow with your business.

          OfficeScan 10: Choose the latest dedicated endpoint security that’s ideal for businesses with up to 10,000 users. Protects all types of endpoints, including desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones, and storage devices.

          Endpoint Security Platform: Provides highly scalable endpoint security for over 10,000 users—perfect for large, geographically dispersed enterprises. Also streamlines operations by combining endpoint security and systems management on a single platform.

          Web Security: Industry-leading protection for the Internet gateway

          Secure your enterprise’s network by blocking web threats before they reach your network. Trend Micro Web security solutions offer proactive protection in the cloud and at the Internet gateway to provide a first line of defense, keeping web threats, malware attacks, and inappropriate content outside your enterprise. Centralized management simplifies deployment and maintenance. Lower your total cost of ownership with an integrated, real-time approach to threat-management.

          InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance: Delivers comprehensive gateway protection against today’s most pervasive web threats by applying real-time web reputation, powerful content scanning, and flexible URL filtering capabilities. This comprehensive software virtual appliance delivers the highest level of security and performance at the web gateway.

          InterScan Web Security Suite: Dynamically defend against web-based attacks with multi-layer, multi-threat protection at the Internet gateway. InterScan Web Security Suite leverages both local and in-the-cloud security information to protect HTTP and FTP traffic. Award-winning antivirus, anti-spyware, and a new Web reputation feature collaborate to block access to malicious pages or links, prevent spyware downloads, and detect spyware activity on clients to trigger agent-less cleanup.

          Messaging Security: Layered security for messaging and collaboration systems

          Secure your enterprise’s messaging and collaboration tools with Trend Micro messaging security solutions. These proven products reduce the risks to business continuity, employee productivity and data security while minimizing impact on messaging systems and staff.

          InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance: Defend your enterprise at the email gateway by combining multi-tiered antispam and reputation filtering with award-winning antivirus and antispyware. Flexible content filtering supports compliance and helps prevent the loss of confidential information. This comprehensive software virtual appliance reduces the time to protect users from emerging threats while simultaneously lowering operating costs in the data center. With centralized management and reporting for ease-of-use and administration, the solution is optimized to block the full range of malicious threats at the email gateway.

          InterScan Messaging Security Suite: Win the battle against email threats with Trend Micro’s InterScan Messaging Security Suite. It protects your network by integrating award-winning antivirus with zero-day protection, powerful anti-spam, and anti-phishing along with content filtering for compliance and data security. This flexible software solution is delivered on a single, highly scalable platform with centralized management for easy, comprehensive email security at the gateway.

          InterScan Messaging Hosted Security: Trend Micro's top-rated hosted email security solution stops spam, viruses, spyware, phishing and other email threats before they reach your network, helping you reclaim IT budget and staff time, and end-user productivity. It includes unlimited email scanning capacity, and optional content filtering and identity-based encryption to help enable regulatory compliance and better control confidential data. As a hosted solution, it requires no hardware or software to install and maintain, even as email volume grows over time. Trend Micro's worldwide team of experts manages all updates and application tuning to continuously optimize security and performance.

          ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange: Email threats have become increasingly deceptive, often luring victims to visit fraudulent sites or execute malicious code. Stop viruses, spyware, spam, phishing, and inappropriate content at your mail server—the only central point for inspecting internal mail. ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange delivers superior mail server security with new protections against blended threats, zero-day attacks, and spam containing malicious URLs. Optimized for all versions of Exchange, ScanMail minimizes server impact and IT costs.

          ScanMail Suite for IBM Lotus Domino: Stop viruses, spyware, spam, phishing, and inappropriate content at your mail server—the central security point for inspecting inbound and internal mail—with Trend Micro™ ScanMail Suite for Lotus Domino. New protections, powered by the Smart Protection Network, complement leading antivirus security. As a native IBM Lotus Domino server application—now with native 64-bit support—it unlocks the full power of Lotus Domino 8.5, while strong group management, centralized control and cluster support reduce administration.

          Message Archiver: Trend Micro™ Message Archiver efficiently manages secure email storage for organizations up to 5000 users. It provides fast, easy search capability and reduced storage cost, while enabling e-discovery and compliance with data retention regulations. Message Archiver lowers email storage costs by reducing data on the mail server by as much as 80 percent. The tamper-resistant archiving solution allows authorized personnel to search and retrieve emails and attachments quickly throughout an organization.

          IM Security: Instant messaging can mean instant exposure to fast-moving attacks designed to spread malware, lure victims to malicious sites, and steal data. Trend Micro™ IM Security for Microsoft™ Office Communications Server (OCS) secures your real-time IM communications by stopping the wide range of threats—fast. Powered by Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Network and its unique cloud-client architecture, IM Security blocks links to malicious sites before the links can be delivered. Signature-independent zero-day security, leading antivirus, and new antispyware work together to stop malware before any damage. Plus, flexible content filtering ensures appropriate IM use and prevents data theft.

          PortalProtect: Protect your SharePoint collaboration systems with Trend Micro™ PortalProtect™. Leading malware protection prevents users from posting infected files in your repositories, team sites, portals, and blogs. Plus flexible content filtering and “true file type” detection guard against data loss and theft. Compared to Microsoft™ Forefront™, PortalProtect delivers twice the performance speed—with only half the administration.

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