Trend Micro Smart Protection Network

          Trend Micro Smart Protection Network

          Stop threats before they reach you. It’s security made smarter.

          The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network is a next generation cloud-client content security infrastructure designed to block threats before they reach your network. By combining Internet-based - or "in-the-cloud" - technologies with smaller, lighter-weight clients, you will have immediate access to the latest protection wherever and however you connect - from home, within your company's network or on the go.

          How It Works

          The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network delivers security that's smarter than conventional approaches by blocking the latest threats before they reach you. Leveraged across Trend Micro's solutions and services, the Smart Protection Network provides stronger protection while reducing your reliance on time-consuming signature-downloads.

          Key Components

          Web Reputation Technology

          • Leverages one of the largest domain-reputation databases in the world to track credibility of Web sites and pages
          • Assigns reputation scores to Web domains and individual pages or links within sites since often only portions of legitimate sites are hacked
          • Blocks users from accessing compromised or infected sites

          Email Reputation Technology

          • Validates IP addresses by checking them against a reputation database
          • Assesses email sender reputation in real time
          • Refines reputation ratings through continuous analysis of the IP address
          • Blocks malicious emails and threats such as zombies in the cloud, before they reach you

          File Reputation Technology

          • Checks the reputation of each file against an extensive in-the-cloud database before permitting user access
          • Utilizes high performance content delivery networks and local caching servers to ensure minimum latency during the checking process
          • Leverages cloud-client architecture to decrease the size of the local pattern file, thus minimizing the “Threat of Volume”— the massive number of threats being created today

          Correlation Technology with Behavior Analysis

          • Correlates combinations of activities and components of a threat to determine if they are malicious
          • Continuously updates multiple threat databases to ensure real time threat response

          Smart Feedback Program

          • A “neighborhood watch” system of community protection— 24/7 communication between Trend Micro products, research centers and technologies for "better together" security
          • Automatic updates to Trend Micro’s global threat databases each time a new threat is identified on a single customer’s routing reputation check

          Threat Intelligence - TrendLabs

          • Trend Micro's 24/7 global network of research, service and support centers
          • 1,000+ security experts worldwide providing real-time security measures designed to detect, pre-empt, and eliminate attacks

          Threat Collection

          • Threat intelligence is continuously gathered through an extensive global network of honeypots, submissions, feedback loops, Web crawling technologies, customers, partners and TrendLabs threat research.

          Threat Analysis

          • Threat data is gathered, analyzed and correlated in real-time via queries of Trend Micro's malware knowledge databases and by TrendLabs research, service and support centers.

          Trend Micro Security by the Numbers

          With over 20 years of leadership in Internet content security, five data centers in five locations around the globe, and over 1,000 global security experts providing 24 threat surveillance and attack prevention, Trend Micro processes over 1.2 terabytes of data in just one day:

          • 20 billion URLs, emails and file queries
          • 50 million IP addresses
          • 250 million samples submitted to Trend Micro's global threat collection system
          • 8-10 million infections broken

          Key Benefits

          Security Made Smarter

          The Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ stops threats before they reach you. Protect against all types of threats—malicious files, spam, phishing, Web threats, denial of service attacks, Web vulnerabilities, data loss, and combined attacks.

          Immediate Protection Wherever You Connect

          Files, emails and URLs are checked against our continuously updated and correlated threat databases in the cloud, ensuring automatic protection against the latest threats wherever and however you connect— in the office, at home, or on the go.

          Pre-emptive Security Reduces Demand on System Resources

          The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network lightens the demand on your system resources with a cloud-client architecture that blocks threats in the cloud, before they reach your network or PC, decreasing the need for time-consuming signature-downloads.

          More Sophisticated, Multi-Layered Protection

          Utilized in SaaS and on-premise Web, messaging, and endpoint security solutions, the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network prevents technically-savvy cybercriminals from stealing your information and damaging your reputation.

          Better Together Security

          Trend Micro products and services constantly update the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to provide Smart Feedback on potentially malicious activity. Continual correlation provides stronger, “better together” security for all users.

          Proven Content Security Leadership and Expertise

          The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network delivers a proven approach to security backed by 20 years of leadership in Internet content security and supported by 1,000 security experts worldwide who provide 24/7 threat surveillance and rapid attack prevention to consumers and businesses around the globe.

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