VMware Healthcare Solutions

          VMware Healthcare Solutions

          Accelerate Collaborative, Quality Connected Care
          The right information, at the right time can significantly impact a patient outcome. Yet, delivering that information takes a reliable, resilient, available and secure healthcare infrastructure. VMware teams with a network of partners to provide solutions that ensure that healthcare IT always delivers for providers and patients.

          Virtualization and Your Healthcare Cloud Solutions
            Reduce IT complexity and costs while preserving existing IT investments

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          Transform the cost, quality and delivery of your patient care with:
          • A proven intelligent, efficient and secure virtualization and cloud infrastructure platform for the most popular and demanding EMR, imaging and critical HIS environments
          • Solutions that increase your healthcare organization's business and IT agility
          • Support for VMware virtualization from the world’s leading application manufacturers (ISVs)
          • VMware vSphere, the world’s leading x86 virtualization platform

          Point of Care Solutions
            Enable the mobile delivery of patient-care applications in clinical settings.

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          Transform the cost, quality and delivery of your patient care with:
          • The most reliable, secure and efficient way to deliver patient-care applications including EMRs and CPOE systems anytime, anywhere
          • An AlwaysOn Point of Care solution that is widely supported by leading hardware and software vendors
          • Capabilities that enable the rapid and secure authentication to clinical workspaces and patient care applications with just the touch of a finger or the tap of a badge

          Healthcare Security and Compliance Solutions
            Meet and exceed corporate standards, best practices and regulatory mandates

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          Transform the cost, quality and delivery of your patient care with:
          • Automatically identify and protect infrastructure that contains sensitive and regulated data such as PHI, social security numbers, credit card information
          • Adaptive, cost-effective and industry-specific security services that secure virtual datacenters and cloud environments at all levels—host, network, application, data and endpoint
          • Protect data by removing regulated PHI and other sensitive data from mobile devices
          • Built-in and intelligent policy management that helps to ensure patient privacy and secure IT systems while meeting compliance requirements
          • Continuous assessment of the compliance posture of both virtual and physical healthcare IT environments.

          Clinical Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions
            Improve IT performance and ensure always-available applications

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          Transform the cost, quality and delivery of your patient care with
          • Proven disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that support emergency management programs, such as the Joint Commission’s Emergency Management Standards
          • Virtualization to simplify backup and recovery processes, and when necessary, easily recover entire systems within recovery time objectives (RTOs) using existing back-up tools and methodologies
          • Infrastructure solutions that ensure that clinicial applications receive the resources they require and maintain the availability critical patient care systems demand
          • Point of Care solutions that provide caregivers with access to critical patient care systems

          ISV Support
            Deliver fully-supported and validated applications and cloud services

          VMware solutions are tightly integrated with a wide range of popular healthcare applications, including:
          • Ambulatory Care Systems
          • PACS/RIS Medical Imaging
          • Clinical Management Systems
          • Health Information Systems
          • Laboratory Systems
          • Staffing, Time and Attendance
          • Patient Billing and Scheduling
          • Physician Portals
          • Workforce Management Solutions
          • Revenue Cycle Management & Financial Systems
          • Automated Medication and Supply Dispensing Systems
          • And more
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