VMware VSPEX

          VMware VSPEX - Accelerate the Journey to Your Cloud


          The journey to cloud computing starts with virtualization, and complex infrastructure decisions are required every step of the way.  EMC, Cisco, and VMware are collaborating to offer industry-leading virtual infrastructure architectures to accelerate your move to virtualized and automated service-oriented data center architecture.

          Introducing VSPEX

          VSPEX is an “EMC Proven” data center reference design for shared virtual infrastructure that can scale as your business grows.

          • Built to provide a simple, efficient, and flexible infrastructure, VSPEX solutions come in various modular configurations for faster deployment, architecture choice, greater efficiency, and lower risk.
          • VSPEX reference architecture guarantees interoperability and integration across your choice of hypervisor, x86server, and network on an EMC storage portfolio.

          Built-in Flexibility

          VSPEX brings together industry-leading technology partners for the ability to create IT infrastructure that’s optimized for specific requirements. By combining EMC storage and data protection products with premier server, network, and hypervisors, you can build the ideal solution for your organization.

          Increase Efficiency

          VSPEX enables your organization to get the maximum from your IT investment by optimizing every layer of the stack. Built on efficient, scalable EMC storage and data protection platforms, VSPEX allows you to combine the optimal server, network, and hypervisor for your environment.

          Simplify, automate, and transform IT as you move to virtualized and automated service-oriented data center architecture with VSPEX.

          Solutions Being with Us

          We can help you deliver IT services more efficiently, simplify provisioning and deployment, and find virtualization solutions that scale to meet your organization’s needs. Start your next project with services from Connection, your Cloud Connection™ solution provider. To learn more, please complete this Information Request Form or you can contact your Account Manager at 1-800-800-0014 (business customers) or 1-800-800-0019 (public sector customers).


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