When your essential information is protected, you can say yes

          Securing the foundation of the Internet business platform

          Websense integrates Web security, email security, and data security to protect essential information and enable productive, safe use of the Internet platform. Websense Essential Information Protection defends cross-channel communications, safeguards Web 2.0 usage, and prevents data loss. Essential Information Protection uses the ThreatSeeker Network, an advanced infrastructure for early threat discovery across email and Web channels, real-time identification and blocking of high-risk Web sites, and data identification techniques and technologies. Websense Web, email, and data security solutions use security intelligence from the ThreatSeeker Network to provide the most up-to-date protection from data loss, unwanted content, and malicious threats.

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          Essential Information Protection

          A deep understanding of the Web and how people use it makes Websense uniquely qualified to offer Essential Information Protection in the Web 2.0 world.

          Web Security

          Secure your business from dynamic web threats while enabling Web 2.0 tools. Real-time dynamic threat protection and web content categorization.

          Email Security

          Available as a hosted service or on-premise software, Websense email security protects against the convergence between Web and email threats, including data loss and regulatory violations.

          Data Security

          Data loss prevention from Websense can help you discover, monitor, and protect your data. Websense can give you visibility into what data is confidential, where it is stored, who is using it and for what purpose, and can help secure all your essential information.

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