Data Security

          Powerful Data Loss Prevention

          Data loss prevention from Websense can help you discover, monitor, and protect your data. Websense can give you visibility into what data is confidential, where it is stored, who is using it and for what purpose, and can help secure all your essential information.

          CIOs spend millions of dollars each year investing in business systems and processes to make information (often confidential) available to authorized employees and partners. And while these investments enable business to grow, they also pose significant risks to data security and, by association, regulatory compliance, corporate governance, and brand and reputation.

          Consider the impact if your most confidential data was inadvertently leaked over email, erroneously posted to a public Web site, or left unsecured on a laptop or USB drive. If it were customer information, would it violate PCI or HIPAA regulations? If it were intellectual property that was lost, what would be the long-term financial impact to your profit margin? And if it were happening right now, how would you know?

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