Web Security

          Web Security in a Web 2.0 World

          Websense Web security offers a variety of solutions:

          • Websense Web Security Gateway – Embrace Web 2.0 safely with the leader in Web security
          • Websense Web Security – Effective Web filtering protects organizations from Web-based threats
          • Websense Web Filter – The industry’s leading web filtering software
          • Websense Express – Simple, effective and affordable Web filtering for small to medium businesses
          • Websense Hosted Web Security – Centralized Web malware protection and Web security

          Web 2.0 has changed how companies use the Internet. Through sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, employers are creating content and, in moments, sharing it with thousands of others. Content on these sites is dynamic so it flies under the radar of legacy security systems. To enjoy Web 2.0 at work, business needs new ways of protecting essential information.

          Reactive web filtering measures can’t keep up with constantly changing content. Malware can appear on trusted sites with good reputations just as easily as on other sites. And since more Web-based applications are becoming available, the Web is now the primary vector for malware.

          A deep understanding of the Web and how people use it makes Websense uniquely qualified to offer Essential Information Protection in the Web 2.0 world. Websense web security solutions provide complete coverage, visibility, and control over who can send what information, where, and how.

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