HP Storage

          Why HP Storage Media?


          Versitale - You can use it with HP Equipment or other brands


          Reliability - Proven Techhnology, vendor repuation and warranty

          • HP is the preferred brand among end users*


          Cost - Tape media offers the lowest cost/gigabyte of any storage medium on the market today


          Tape Life - Refers to the number of passes over the read-write head, but we also need to consider tape archiving

          • Ultrium media certified for 1 million passes or 260 full back-ups
          • Archiving = 30 years on Ultrium


          HP Users Buy Less Tapes

          • Higher capacities on single tapes
          • Lower error rates
          • costs 50% less per full capacity backup!


          Other Leading Brand (OLB) Users buy more tapes

          • Reduced cartridge capacity
          • Increased risk of data loss
          • Purchase 2x the number of tapes to back up 60TB of data


          Leader in Quality

          • Designs cartridges and tape to higher standards than competition
          • Audits/test more tapes than competition (7 times more)
          • More Audit testing machines than the competition
          • Rejected tapes are resold to other brands
          • Have some of the lowest error rates in the industry
          • Low error rates reduce overall costs

          *Source: The Yankee Group


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