Maximize Efficiency and Increase Agility

          A good portion of any IT budget is spent maintaining current data center integrity. Depending on your infrastructure size and available funds, this can severely limit your ability to invest in new technology and innovation. Therefore, many IT organizations today are missing deadlines and can't respond fast enough to customer demands. They either have insufficient IT budgets, or have to manage trade-offs to drive efficiency, performance, or resiliency. With a data center infrastructure that is based on disparate systems that require different skill sets to manage, the total cost of ownership (TCO) can be significantly disproportionate to the value delivered.

          Free Up Resources to Pursue New Opportunities

          Integrated server, storage, networking, and virtualization platforms are emerging as the modern option to address today's demanding workloads. High-performing converged infrastructure solutions deliver unsurpassed simplicity and efficiency that has been optimized for virtual applications. These solutions enable new levels of performance, protection, compliance, and ease of management. This lets you close the gap between maintenance and innovation budgets and deliver relevant, operationally efficient, and fiscally sound solutions for your organization. Let our team lead you through the planning, integration, and implementation of one of these high-performance platforms to better serve your business.

          A Trusted Implementation Partner

          Realize all of the potential benefits converged infrastructure can offer. Trust Connection to provide a complete range of technologies and services to help you realize a converged infrastructure. We leverage our expertise and experience to help you navigate the choices available. We have seen what works within data centers of all sizes, markets, and infrastructures.

          Our experience, combined with our industry expertise and premier technical certifications, qualifies us to make the most ideal recommendation for your journey to a converged infrastructure. We'll help transition in the best and most painless way possible.

          Industry Expertise Make the Difference

          Our converged infrastructure solutions are best-in-class. Our understanding of this technology is deep. While we remain agnostic, we are extremely knowledgeable across many leading technologies. Our partnerships include industry experts like Cisco, Dell, EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Nutanix, and SimpliVity.

          Professional Services

          Our experts will discern your business requirements, develop a plan to extend and enhance your virtualization initiatives, uncover new ways to decrease costs, and increase IT agility. Assessing your networking, server, and storage environments is an excellent first step to ensure you can make informed decisions and maximize the return on your IT investment.

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