Converged Infrastructure
          By 2016, 82% of servers will be running in virtual environments.

          Converged Infrastructure

          The Model of a Modern Data Center

          The traditional data center infrastructure is not keeping pace with today's challenges, especially around information. The legacy models of data centers are modular in approach, built around silos of technology, such as servers, storage, and networking. However, this is an exciting time to be working in the field of technology. These silos are now being converged, delivering IT a new model for a modern data center strategy, bringing these components together in a tightly integrated fashion.

          This wave of innovation rivals the transition from mainframe to x86 architecture. This converged approach enables organizations to harness the power of information technology in a way never before possible. This is the sort of innovation happens once every 25 years, and we're living through it right now. Many call it a “data center transformation.” This transformation is answer to the pressures and limitations faced by IT professionals today.

          Greater Choices Mean Greater Complexity

          While it’s a very exciting time technologists, it’s also a challenging time. The new landscape of data center technologies is very complicated, and there is new terminology entering the market space every day—from software-defined data center, to converged infrastructure, to hyper-converged infrastructure. Today, the choice is between many different options. The experts at Connection can help you narrow down those choices and find the right data center solutions for your unique environment and needs.

          Moving to a converged infrastructure data center allows organizations to shift IT resources from low-value operations to high-value innovation.

          Why Choose Converged Infrastructure?

          Converged infrastructure solutions bring technologies together into a packaged set of offerings that is much easier for organizations to deploy, integrate, and manage in a seamless fashion. Convergence in the data center enables organizations to be simultaneously more flexible, more efficient, and get higher performances, while better applying management strategies. Additionally, the concept of hyper-convergence is emerging, and making a real impact. This technology trend has taken the concept of convergence even further, enabling the massive scalability of convergence to now be consumed by an organization of a smaller size.

          A Trusted Implementation Partner

          Organizations need a trusted advisor to help them design the right solution. That's where Connection’s Converged Data Center Practice can step in. The depth of our expertise within the converged data center is one of the best values that we can bring to a customer. If you’re trying to identify what type converged data center solution will be the best fit for your needs, we have the skills and experience to look at your existing environment and make a set of informed recommendations to transform your data center.

          Connection offers a consulting methodology that we built in-house, based on our deep experience working with organizations and customers of all sizes in all different types of industries over the last 35+ years in the industry.

          Expertise You Can Rely On

          Our experts have seen countless types of environments, and our experience is a benefit to our clients. The average tenure of our system engineers in the Converged Data Center Practice is over ten years, and our practice has a number of engineers that have been in the industry for more than 30 years. This depth of experience is a key differentiator.

          The engineers in the Converged Data Center Practice hold the highest level of certification possible for our strategic vendors. That includes companies like HPE, EMC, Microsoft, Cisco SimpliVity, Nutanix, VMware, and others. However, our expertise goes beyond certification. Our team has real-world experience building, designing, and implementing solutions for customer environments of all sizes and segments, whether in the public sector and small businesses, all the way to Fortune 100 companies.

          We have seen and experienced the development of data center IT over a series of decades. This front-row seat to data center evolution has positioned us to not only become expert in converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, but also to understand the modular components they evolved from. We understand what elements of existing technology are usable or even optimal.

          Our recommendations make best use of your current investments. We will enhance or augment your current technology with a modern contemporary approach, based on converged infrastructure, hyper-converged, private cloud, and software-defined methodologies. The goal is to increase your overall IT performance as well as the value IT brings to your organizations.

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