Data Protection & Business Continuity

          Keep Your Organization Up and Running

          Planning for business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) can be a real challenge. Although hardware has become more resilient and virtualization has increased service and application portability, most business BC/DR plans still adequately fail to protect organizations.

          Insulate Your Business from Technology Failures, Natural Disasters, and Unplanned Outages

          Continuing delivery of acceptable service levels after a disruptive incident is critical to your organization's success. IT departments are tasked with creating BC/DR solutions and implementing the protection systems to support them. But without expert guidance and regular procedure testing, these plans frequently become a budget-consuming albatross and ultimately provide no value and no peace of mind. With today's heavy reliance on data and technology, most businesses that suffer a major extended IT outage will never fully recover.

          Test, Validate—Rest Assured

          Prevention is more reliable than reaction and we can help. Our team has produced a unique 5-step approach to BC/DR planning, solution design, and implementation—a true differentiator in the industry. Wherever your organization is in the BC/DR lifecycle, from initial policy to periodic testing, we can help you devise and implement a tested and validated plan. Our on-staff experts have built BC/DR solutions for organizations of all sizes and offer on-premises or cloud-based options—inclusive of backup, disaster recovery, replication, and failover.

          Purpose-Built for You

          Connection has decades of experience to address your BC/DR concerns. We have expert consultants on staff that design, test, and validate BC/DR plans—giving you the confidence and peace of mind that your organization is protected. We use specific information about your environment, goals, and budget to determine the best solution for your organization. We then craft the most appropriate BC/DR solution, based on your unique needs.

          Industry Expertise Makes the Difference

          Our BC/DR solutions are best-in-class. Our understanding of technologies is very deep. While we remain agnostic, we are extremely knowledgeable across many leading industry technologies. Our partnerships include industry experts like Dell, EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Symantec, and Veeam. We have seen countless customer environments and selectively employ the most appropriate solution for your needs. We pride ourselves on recommending the very best solution, independent of brand.

          Additionally, our consultative and professional services include:

          • Business Impact Assessment
          • BC/DR Policy Assessment and Creation
          • Disaster Recovery Solution Design
          • Disaster Recovery System Integration
          • Disaster Recovery Testing
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