Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

          Desktop as a Service - DaaS

          Rethinking the Delivery of End User Computing

          Many organizations have historically used a combination of stand-alone initiatives, such as a VPN and core desktop, to extend employee mobility. But all of these technologies are individually managed, budgeted for, and present silos of technology for IT to manage. Many organizations want to aggregate these technologies into one efficient desktop delivery solution.

          Additionally, many organizations have highly distributed workforces that work in smaller, geographically distributed branch offices. These locations need desktops, but the locations are too small to justify on-site IT. This pushes some organizations to hire a managed service to support those locations. But organizations find inconsistencies in the level of service each office receives.

          Many organizations are also supporting international workforces, and their offshore teams are dealing with sensitive intellectual property or personal information. Yet they are leveraging third-party back-office offshore IT solutions and are uncomfortable with that type of data to traversing IT systems overseas. Additionally, traveling with data on devices internationally presents some organizations with significant security concerns. They worry if an employee's devices are compromised or if they lose a device, they will also risk the loss of their intellectual property.

          Take the Cost and Complexity Out of Managing Your Virtual Desktops

          Virtual desktop technology can address many of the aforementioned concerns. In a virtual desktop infrastructure, organizations are never sending their data outside of the data center, and data is never saved locally to devices that can be lost, stolen, or compromised. Information is displayed as pixels on a screen. And if a desktop is hosted in the data center and there is a failure on that device, employees can still be productive by accessing their virtual desktop from another device and pick right up where they left off.

          However, virtual desktop can be complex to deploy and present an IT organization with a lot of up-front costs to build out the infrastructure. One of the reasons that this cost is hard to justify is that the success of the project is dependent upon user acceptance of the technology. And the adoption and acceptance of this solution is very individual and personal to an employee. If they move from one environment with a certain responsiveness and flow and then move to another that does not work as well, employees may express frustration. This makes such a large investment risky for an IT department. And if it doesn't go well, it’s difficult to redeploy such a highly specialized technology for another purpose.

          Captialize on the Benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

          For these reasons Desktop as a Service is becoming a very attractive option. Organizations can reap the rewards of virtual desktop, but not invest up front in the infrastructure. Our team of experts offers professional services to help you implement your Desktop as a Service solution. We can perform migration of data, or implement images or profiles in the environment. We'll also work with your DaaS provider to ensure your desktops are hosted in geographically-desired datacenters to ensure the best performance.

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          Working Together to Meet Your Needs

          Our Cloud Practice helps you discern, design, and deliver the best cloud computing solutions for your business. There are no one-size-fits-all versions of any cloud technology. That’s why we view cloud computing technologies as raw materials you can combine in multiple ways to achieve your desired business outcomes. We have deep partnerships with best-of-breed providers in every cloud category—from private cloud to Software as a Service. Our goal is to deliver the right solutions to meet your business needs.

          Our Partnerships

          Our understanding of Desktop as a Service is deep. While we remain agnostic, we are extremely knowledgeable across many leading industry technologies. Our partnerships include industry experts like HOSTING, NaviSite, Peak 10, EvolveIP, RapidScale, and VMware.

          Our Consultative and Professional Services

          The system engineers and consultants within our Converged Data Center Practice will work in partnership with our Cloud Practice to design and deploy your new Desktop as a Service infrastructure. Our Converged Data Center Practice will also ensure a successful migration to DaaS by performing profile creations, setup, and profile and data migrations in partnership with your organization and the DaaS provider.

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